There is something in your eyes
That captures my sight
Jus your glance
Leaves me in a trance
What is in you is magical
The way you talk
Is out of this world
I cuddle up in my bed
And I close my eyes
All I can see is your face
Shining ever so bright
There is Love in your voice
That takes me by suprise
I go to bed wondering
When will the sun rise?!
There was sorrow in my soul
That left me lying cold
It was the touch of your hand
That comforted me
Your child like behavior
Is so dear to me
I love it when you’re by my side
This longing for you will always
Be there on the inside
When will I get to be near you next?
What I type now is not jus mere text
I mean what I sayHey, this is me saying I LOVE YOU!!

Everything can change
Within a wink
Friends or no friends
It’s all your choice
You can’t trust anybody
And that’s the best way to live
You think they all are there
Beside you
But you fool
They are just being cruel
Get up and get out
And live for yourself
That’s what this world deserves
Let your life end with your past
Let the last person you cared about
Be the one who left you
In a caste
If this is how u view life
Am sorry to tell you
That there is more to this
Trust me take it from me
I know what i'm talking about
But that’s not all of it
Look inside of yourself
And smile
You will see how beautiful you are
That’s the truth, realize it
So many people Love you
That aint no lie
So why wait
Spread your wings and fly
Come take my hand
I will show you how it works
I will help you out of the shackles
And help you realize the miracle
Come on, let’s not waste a minute
Not everybody you see is bad
Something that leaves you sad
I will be your friend in need
If you’re willing to sow the seed
This is a song of inspiration
For your depression
You are not alone
No one is
Come let us see what life has in store for us
And help each other clear our mess.

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