There is something in your eyes
That captures my sight
Jus your glance
Leaves me in a trance
What is in you is magical
The way you talk
Is out of this world
I cuddle up in my bed
And I close my eyes
All I can see is your face
Shining ever so bright
There is Love in your voice
That takes me by suprise
I go to bed wondering
When will the sun rise?!
There was sorrow in my soul
That left me lying cold
It was the touch of your hand
That comforted me
Your child like behavior
Is so dear to me
I love it when you’re by my side
This longing for you will always
Be there on the inside
When will I get to be near you next?
What I type now is not jus mere text
I mean what I sayHey, this is me saying I LOVE YOU!!


nice poem. keep it up.

I agree Nilan. This is good isn't it? Kid was going through a phase of really good poems here.

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