No longer a foreigner in an unknown turf
I say with poise
You my love ain’t just a choice

Life isn’t easy, life ain’t the same
Every day a struggle
It’s everybody’s game

In times of trouble, in times of pain
We stick together
Knowing there is so much to gain

One thing you ought to know
Is my love for you has grown
Like never before

I got nothing to offer but these words
I hope you realize
You are the song that my heart never denies

Whatever happens I am with you
Through thick and thin
I want you too

This time around I won’t shut you down
When I move about aimlessly
At times of want.

Could you be of any use?
To help prevent child abuse
Let me ask you, first!
Are you aware of what a child goes through?

It could be you or anyone you know
It could be someone who you care or don't care about
Yet it's a child who is abused!
Let not any precious child go through this
Let's act! Let me know?
Together we can fight this
Let us fight for this cause

What is it? Why is it? Who does it? One might ask
Let not your ignorance spoil a Child's life.
Act Now! Let's do it now!
Let me shed some light, if not now, the child will shed its life!
Let me tell you
Let us fight for the Child's fright!

One child tortured with many chores
It hits them at their heart, flesh and bones!
Working in hotels and houses and suffering behind closed doors
Fight Physical abuse
One feeling left out all alone in the cold
Helpless and shattered not knowing where to go
Racial Neglect!
One being molested and threatened
Sexually harassed and beaten
Fight Sexual abuse
One having to hear everything that a child doesn't want to hear
Forced to listen to harsh and filthy words
Caught in the worst trap
Fight Emotional abuse
Its happening I know, I know
Because I've been there! I've seen it! I know for sure
Now, I wish to be the cure.
Let us be a cue for the cure.

I am writing this ode today
To bring out the reality
For us to see
The price an innocent child pays.

Let us act now!
Before it's too late
What ever little effort you take
Would be great
Let our energies focus towards the cause!
Not for anyone, not for you, not for me, not for the society.
But for the CHILD! Let's make their lives better.
Save them from the snares of the devil
Come on now, Let us do this
Let us act now!
Give them a bigger and a brighter future.

She was small, hardly ten years old
Heard the stories seen them all
She was too young to understand any of this
but she quickly matured before the other kids did
Every time and when in pain
You can see her crying in the rain

There she goes
Out in the pouring rain
The only time where she opens up
her little heart carrying all the pain
This little girl goes
Goes on crying in the rain

She didn't know her family well
Had no proper upbringing
She thought she was living in hell
Lived behind closed doors
With no fairytale stories
Just a barren life filled with remorse

There she goes
Out in the pouring rain
The only time where she opens up
her little heart carrying all the pain
This little girl goes
Goes on crying in the rain

No-one knew what she was going through
She was a mystery except for a few
Every time she wanted to cry
She would look out the window
With arms open wide
Silently wishing for the heavens to cry

There she goes
Out in the pouring rain
The only time where she opens up
her little heart carrying all the pain
This little girl goes
Goes on crying in the rain

Clear drops from the sky
Mixes with the tears from her eyes
She lets the rain whisper sweet nothings
Before she bids them all good-bye

What kind of life would it be?
If I had to stay here
Just to make believe
Tell you what now baby
This ship is sailing away
And am sorry but you don’t have a say
Is this your attitude?
You might ask
I don’t have a choice
I don’t want to wear a mask
I am breaking free from all this crap
This is not a relationship
This is a trap
People, wake up and see
If you really have what you need
Don’t be the prey
Just cause your weak
Instead be poised, be meek
Guess this is something to think about
I don’t know for sure
But I still gave it a thought
Made me realize I was caught
I decided to break open the shackles
I was caught in and opted to move out
No regrets what so ever
I just think I am smart enough to be clever.

Across the nations, over the sea
People unite in agony
Fighting for survival
In all that they see
Break the walls down of poverty
United we stand, banners fly
Protestors are left high and dry
Poverty the birthplace for vexation
Can’t blame the poor souls
They are drowning in deep depression
The fight goes on and on
As Ngo’s and Governments
Answer the phone
Do we see a solution at sight?
Or is poverty soaring as high as a kite.

I was at work when suddenly dark clouds covered the big blue sky. I was freezing as the temperature in my bay dropped to almost 19 degree. The climate forced me to draw out my note pad. Thankfully, it was lunch time in Europe and I had sometime on my hand. I walked out and sat on the stairway looking out the window I began to write...

“The scent of Love, its profound meaning
I saw it in you, as I rested for a while
Your breath on my neck and the warmth of your kiss
Took me by surprise – a sinful bliss
Don’t ask me why
Don’t ask me how
We always end up together somewhere somehow
I search my heart for some old memories
I am not surprised to see, they are now just some old can of cherries”.

The sky was so dark and the wind was blowing hard when, suddenly the skies opened and it began to pour down heavily. The climate was so romantic and sadly I was at work. All I could do to enjoy this climate was to put my imagination to some good use. I chuckled for some reason and started to pen down my next set of lines...

“I stand there in the balcony, facing the sea.
Waiting for you to gently come and hug me
Whisper in my ears, sweetie here’s your cup of tea
I turn to you and you say - the night looks naughty indeed
The touch of your hand
Triggers an unusual feeling with in me
Honey, I enjoy every moment you spend with me”.

Well well well, what do you know; it was time for me to go. I had a few calls to make and I wanted to keep the flow alive. Quickly, I shifted to my "work mode" and made those calls. Had a few good conversations and it was time for me to go. For some weird reason even before I completed the poem I knew it would be my favorite piece of work. I was home and climate was still lovely. I read through what I wrote and started to continue regaining the flow I wrote...

“Slowly, together we move to the couch
When suddenly I scream – OUCH!
You sat on my finger I laughed out loud
Sssshhh… the night’s fresh and there’s no crowd
I saw you chuckle as you uttered those blissful words out
I saw your eyes shine bright
I just couldn’t ignore your sight”.

I was getting in to the mood and suddenly my cell phone rings. “Hello…Oh hi, what’s up?” I end up having a long conversation with one of my close friend. Chit chatting late in to the night, I love having such conversations it’s always fun. Now, come on am sure y’all would agree with me on this one. Anyways, it was at this time I thought of rendering this poem in a different way and as I ended the conversation I went back in to working on my little master piece... (chuckle)

“We laid there watching the world go by
Am I testing your patience sweet sugar – Oh my!
The things you do, I’d love to see
Baby you never fail to amuse me
Holding your hands I say this to you
Some of my dreams I wish to share with you”.

It was late night. I went online, caught up with my ‘late night crawlers’, visiting my orkut pages, having some pleasant chat, drinking little wine and working on my poem. Oh, yeah!! I was still in the flow. I have written a lot of love/romantic poems in the past but, with this one I wanted to project the whole thing in a BOLD way, heat things up a bit and show some maturity in my writing style. I start imagining again, and I began to jot down a few lines...

“Take me in to a province that’s just ours
Where we can while away time and spend hours
Holding me in your arms – making love
Sweet talking all day all night long
I rested my head on your chest
I can hear your heartbeat, I feel your sweat
I raise my head to look in to your lovely eyes
Honey, let’s just become victims of the night
Making new memories – Lets delight
Thousand kisses with little fights”.

I was totally charged up all excited about this poem. I knew it was special for me and I wanted to post it on the 1st of June. Just so it could be the first poem of this month. So, here I am working on the last portion watching the match the final of the IPL, trying to keep my cool and my sense of imagination alive but, the intensity of the match is getting me all worked up,praying hard on the inside for Chennai to win the match and closing my eyes to picture the scene for me to start writing again...

“To lay there with him to watch him smile
His sweet smell of scent takes me miles
I love it when he puts his arms around me
And secures me tight

The night feels so complete when your right here by my side”.

With the summer's heat knocking on my door
With winter's breeze far behind
I sit here with my glass of wine
Cooling myself with soothing music
knowing that tomorrows another day of sun shine

I make a big deal out of travelling to work
In an insane hour - 12 pm to be precise
With summer's heat draining every bit of my energy
I just can't come to terms with winter being so far off
the summer's heat - a reason for people's sad demise

Close to about 40 minutes in the sun
Makes me complain
Not stopping to think about the ones
Who work in this heat
Just to ensure we get our grains

So let’s look at the other side
Do not be so self centered
It's not a joke when others say
That someone’s hard work
Goes un noticed when things are taken for granted.

It’s 2 in the morning
I ain’t asleep
I walk to my balcony
Just to feel the cold breeze
I pull up my bean bag
I cuddle up there
Gaze at the stars
Silently wishing I was there
I tried to close my eyes
To dream for a while
But the sky was so attractive
Forced me to watch the clouds go by
Passing through the moon
It looked so fine
I covered myself with my blanky
I was having a good time
I also remembered that I have friends
Who leave work at this time
But the world they see
Is so very different from mine

Take just a minute
And ask yourself this
What do I need?
To surpass this
Feeling of distress
Consume my cry
I feel at sea
Or is it just me?
We have all been there
I know for sure
Each one has a different way
To find that cure
Every hassle every strive
You have got to go through the battle
And come out with pride
Premonitions are part of life
Ruling your thoughts
From all four sides
Interpret it properly
You will see it unravel befittingly.

Searching for love
Through the day
Fighting pain
Through the night
Things change, people change
But the plight forever will be the same

Digging deep into the past
Trying to resolve unsolved emotions
Puts one in a delicate position
With no perfect present
Time didn’t wait, wounds never healed
But one moves on along with the memories

No one knows what the future holds
Tomorrow is far away
To survive this twinge
Is a battle on its own
Will someone be there?
Will someone be there for me today?

Every soul is precious
Every cry is heard
But still I see deaf ears
And eyes with fake tears
People dressed in white
Are not angels in disguise
When was the last time?
They ever did something right

Drought, hunger and death
Are all set to strike
What is your take on this?
Are you even willing to fight?
Debates, discussions, interviews
Is not the answer for this?
Put your words into action
And maybe this time you won’t miss

You are the chosen one
Elected by the people
The whole nation looks up to you
But all you do is kill
Go out there and do what is right
People dressed in white
You have the power
In which you take pride
Use it to hear the torment and cry
Of the minority
Who are depressed and deprived.

Hush now don’t say a word
Just close your eyes and see the world
The peace, the beauty that surrounds your mind
Is not what you’ll get to see on the outside
Serenity is a quality one must develop
The beauty of it lies underneath your cup
The cup of life is in your hands
Use it wise, use it while you can
Live your life to the fullest
Yes, I have heard that a million times before
But have you thought about the rest
Rest assured you will have places to go
I would love to see the world
The world I see when I shut my eyes
Hopes and dreams fade the minute I open my eyes
I am willing to press on till my last breath
I will not give up even if am on my death bed
Serenity, we will get there for sure
With our eyes open
We will make a secure future.

Look around you
What do you see?
Ask this to yourself
Wherever you may be
I was at this concert
Just the other day
Two questions where directed at me
And now am directing it to y’all today
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
These are the questions
To which am answering
But what am I talking about?
Y’all must be thinking
Molestation, harassment, dowry
Poverty, child labor and slavery
All this and more
Is happening in your locality
Now tell me
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
Shocking but true
I speaking from the victim’s point of view
Do what you can
The steps are few
But if we stick together
We can make things brand new.

It is so clear
The breath of life is here
I don't want to miss out on it
Like I did the last time
What makes me say this
Is what I feel inside
That everyone of us is special
And there is nothing to hide
At times we can just feel so low and blue
Feel worthless without a clue
Look deep within you
And your sure to find something new
I am just a small town girl
With dreams and hopes
Got no clue of what to expect
Got no idea about who I am yet
I just hope that I can make a difference
In some one's life
Be there around them to make things right
Random thoughts running in my mind
But my words are true
So let them shine

The world is full of people
Too busy with their lives
Well am not an exception to this
But I see to that I don't lose sight
On my way to work
I saw few people fight
I could only say to myself
That this world is in desperate need for help
People always have time for themselves
But not for their loved ones
This shows we live in a selfish world
With a lot of self centered people around
Things have got to change
But where does one start?
Stop, don't turn to your neighbour
Why don't you make the start

Do you know that we serve an awesome god
Who died, So that we could live
He bore all the burdens for us
And he accepted us inspite of our sins
He was brutally beaten for his good deeds
And still hears us out and answers our needs
As I sit here in my bay
These thoughts rushed into my mind
That made me say
I serve an awesome god today

Can I come to you?
When I feel low
Will you lift me up?
And never let go

Can I tell you?
All of my secrets
Will you help me?
Safeguard it from the rest

Can I hear you say?
I love you
Will you treat me well?
Till the end and not sue

Can I see you cry?
Just to me
Will you let me be there?
To set you free

Can I know you more?
The whole of you
Will you be my friend?
From now on till the end

If you need me I'll be there
If you don't I don't care
The world is a better place to live in
If you can press on and not give in
Everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame
To get there survival of the fittest is the game
Play your part and play it fair
In the end you will get your share
Open your mind and envisage
Open your eyes to see the ridge
Give all that you have got
Sometimes I wish I never fought
Look out for new opportunity
Find it and your sure to glee
This is what needs to done
For all of us to have some fun

Oh lord my god
I feel real odd
To see people around me
Who wouldn’t let me be
I lost many friends
The minute they knew Jesus is my trend
How it hurts me to see
These people who fail to see you as the key
They dislike me
They tell me it’s impossible to be sin free
With you by my side
I will shine with pride
I pray in and out
Lord for you alone I will sing aloud
I was blessed to hear you say
That I will carry your burden and pay
Thank you for your message
I feel as if I’ve been set free from a cage
My heart will seek out for your face
That forever will be my case

Praise be unto the lord
Who has worked miracles upon us
Praise his holy name
For he has helped us win the game
He has healed us
He has released his mighty power
Only to shower us with his blessings
For he is our strong tower
For this Easter god made sure
That we heard his message of cure
We were touched and we were healed
As for me and my friends
All we did was kneel
We gave him thanks of praise
For he is full of grace
Always ready to hear us out
Thank you lord for sending us an anointed preacher
Thank you for your message our wonderful teacher
We forever will worship you
We are your selected few
Who will always run to you
We surrender to you oh Lord
We give you our lives
We worship you with all our hearts
We will spread your words in different parts
Be with us dear Lord
Help us reach out to the crowd.

It's that time of the year
For us to freak out and cheer
A very special day it is
For all of us who know this kid
Stern stubborn strong
Call him however you want
An absolute star
Is what you are
You are turning a year older
Please don't sit there with your folder
It's your day it's your birthday
I wish you get all your heart's desire
Stay happy and blessed throughout the year
You deserve only the best things in life
For now just cut the cake with the knife
I send my wishes across to you
This one is long overdue
Have a blast today tomorrow and forever
Your birthday is going to rock that's for sure
Happy Birthday dear one
God bless you go now and have some fun.

Emotions running wild
I feel so confused inside
What seemed like fun before
Has been wiped off the shore
I can't understand on what's happening
I just hope he ain't gaming
I thought it was a start of a new beginning
Who am I kidding?
I am just a fool who has been dreaming
I don't have a clue on what's on the other side
I was rejoicing like an idiot with a lotta pride
I think I've to distance myself from such emotions
It's useless trying to make friends with passion

Through the sorrow through the joy
I’ve seen it all, my boy
Cried in darkness out of pain
In the end what did I gain?
As a child I had a dream
To say out loud what I mean
I guess I was too shy
As I stood there
Watching the world go by
Try to make a point and they call you stupid
But don’t give up till you achieve it
Everybody’s got their share of miseries
Talk to them and you’ll hear all their stories
For many the sorrows may last for a night
But many won’t let go without a fight
No matter what the situation is like
Life goes on mate, just don’t strike
Be bold be strong
Nothing in your life can ever go wrong
Stand up for what you believe in
Don’t forgot that life goes on
Even if you plan to give in

Ever believed in miracles
That could bring about a change in your life
Thinking of it now I chuckle
To see the difference I make in someone else’s life
Someone special crossed my path
Right when I was under someone’s wrath
I’m amazed at the instant bond
I’m speechless I’m stunned
With heart of diamond and words of gold
A pearl of a person, really bold
This is a miracle that I cherish
For this one has made my worries perish
A wonderful entry into my barren life
Has added yet another chapter to make things right
I don’t know what to expect out of this
But I’m sure I won’t end up giving it a miss
Let me see what’s in store for me
Hopefully things will be alright and I‘ll be free.

Walking by the sea shore
Starring at the sky
The stars shine brightly
All through the night
The sound of waves reaches my ears
As I recollect my past few years
I see a single tree at a distance
How I wish to settle here with my tent
The touch of the wind makes me cold
I really wish I was old
Its a beautiful night never the less
Oh wait I just remembered
I need to go my room's a mess

Two days of rain and a day of game
We all waited before we took aim
This is my first shot at the sport
And now I guess I am addicted to the court
So much of energy so much of fun
The spirit of the game is as bright as the sun
I can’t believe its love at first sight for me
This game has captured my heart oh so deeply
Looking for fitness, looking for health
Look no further, here’s a game
Ultimate Frisbee is the name
For those who are looking out for a sport
Hope I’ll see y’all this weekend at the court.

She counted upon many to hear her out
Surrounded by people and all they got
Never had a family who made her feel real love
Mama's got her excuses and
Dada's got his job
She grew up all alone
Spent sleepless nights by her phone
All she wanted was some attention
But no one's got the time
Silently she cries herself to sleep
With no one by her side
To console her as she weeps
She locks herself inside a bathroom
And cries her sorrows out
Hoping that someone someday will hear her out
She waited for so long
Nothing has changed
People enter her life and
All she gets is tamed
It's now too late for anyone
She moved away for good
Filled with hurt and remorse
She just feels too lost
So she opened the bottle of tablets
And consumed all the pills
The medicine that use to heal her
Became the venom that kills
That’s right she is no longer alive
For us to reach out to her
But keep in mind that
There are so many more just like her
There could be someone
Whos’ right there next to you
Don’t forget to tell her
What she means to you.

What a win - HISTORIC!! A fitting end to a nightmare. I have to put this write up in my blog for personal reasons. India beat Australia in their home soil to claim the CB series.

I don't know much about cricket but I used to be a die hard fan of the Australian cricket team (my family still is) but things changed the moment I saw Dhoni enter the team. Am not his fan but he is an important person. By God's Grace and his hard work this young lad has achieved so much in such a short span of time and HATS OFF to that.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the Indian team but they maintained their professionalism and have answered back in a fitting way. The team has stuck together at all times with a captain that backed them no matter what paved the way to a series win against the aussies. This is India's FIRST EVER tri-series win. A nail biting finish indeed.

Chak diya India. We are definitely proud of you. An amazing display of team work mixed with the right amount of aggression. The youngsters have done it, proved the critics wrong. A strong team in the making and this is just the beginning.

Congratulations TEAM INDIA!

Can we all come together?
To make this world a better place
Joining our hands in prayer
And stick through those trying days
We can make a difference
If we all just learn to be friends
So, why pick up these fights
Then lose your sense of direction
What did these innocent people do?
To fall under your wrath
Open your eyes to see
The mayhem you’ve in your path
Where is this going to lead you?
To heaven on earth
Think again, as you’re just kicking up dirt
We call for peace and you say no
We can’t sit back just to see you go
Guns and armors can’t solve anything
Let’s not create a war but a new beginning

Oh!! Well am back with another article, this time am going discuss on the topic of “Try and you will succeed”. I’ve heard “famous” people say this before but never believed in it. Come on now give me a break here, I have been trying hard to succeed in a lot of areas of my life and somehow I feel I am quite not there until last evening. Yeah baby!

I guess for the first time in a long time I felt success yesterday after trying for hours. What am I saying? I am just too caught up, let me explain. Yesterday, at work I had an important task that I had to complete. It was more of a deadline kind of a thingy. I am currently working on a research study on the European man guard market and yesterday I had to call up The Netherlands. I had been calling like for 2 hours straight and no luck. I walked in at 8:30 in the morning and it was like 4 when I started my calls (Don’t panic, I did do some other “official” work in-between). Anyways, so there I was sitting and basically breaking my head, getting all worked up and irritated (not only people refused to give their interviews but my team kind of fell short in having to write awards) How short? Well, we had to submit 4 awards this month and we fell short by not a big margin, we fell short of 4 awards! And my only hope was this one person from Belgium who can possibly be a nominee for an award, but I didn’t receive his email in over a weeks time and for the kind of state I was in, I lost the little hope that I had.

Then something happened. Yes, it’s a miracle I know lol but it happened. There was this one person who was willing to help me out and he not only gave me the information I needed but he answered all of my questions without any kind of hesitation. Now, how cool is that. So I felt a little no actually a lot better. As, I was about to end the call I receive a mail. Yes, right again it was the mail I was waiting for. If your thinking how lucky she can get. Think again because I don’t think this was luck.

Only because I tried without giving up did I get the interview that I needed. You might ask me, why then did I consider this a miracle earlier? I did that because I believe that it was because of my perseverance. I don’t intend to sound so philosophical but am sure many will agree with me on this one and those of who you don’t feel free to leave your comments. :-)

What I am trying to say here is that I learnt something yesterday. It is not that only if you gain stardom or popularity can you say that you tried and that’s how I succeeded. It applies to every single person and every single action you perform. It’s only because I was willing to make the calls did I somehow end up speaking to atleast one person who was being so informative, and this happened only because I tried. Now am not going to get awarded or praised in my office for this. Why? Because it’s my job and this is what I have to do. But I felt so content and felt a sense of accomplishment in helping my team in every which way possible. And I felt even happier when I had my loved ones feeling ecstatic about it.

I realized all this when I was on the bike with Archana K C ( one of my dear freinds), I even told her that this is what I am going to put up on my blog next. So people out there even the little things you do on a day to day basis will make you feel a winner when you sit back and realize what you have accomplished. So try and try you will succeed does work! Catch y'all on my next post. B4N!


There comes a time
When you need a helping hand
Someone to lift you up and make you stand
You look around to find that all have gone
But you know in your heart
That God won’t let you drown
We all are alone someway or the other
Even the happiest person will go through trouble brother
So why take it all on yourself
Leave it to god and he will help
Go about life the same old way
Only this time you will have your say
Life is beautiful, life is fun
Learn to enjoy it and you will run
Don’t sit back and grumble all day
Instead pack up your bag and lead the way

There's so much do
There's so much to say
There are so many things
That's here out today
I wish I could be the star
That shines brightly from afar
I try so hard to instigate
You don’t have to under estimate
Seek for the potential inside of you
Come out of the dark
Let the light shine through you
You don’t have to be afraid
To be all that you are
Know in your heart
That you’re the diamond and the star
Tell the world that you’ve made the start
Let them know that you’re playing your part
Leave the past behind you
You blue-eyed girl
You will see all evil crumble and curl
Be bold and be strong
Let this world now hear your song

Let us call upon the Lord
Reach out to the skies and shout
For he will be there to save us
Let's just call upon the Lord
The alpha and the omega
Is by your side
He will be there with you throughout the night
For you alone are my God
And in thee will I trust
With my soul crying out
I will call upon the Lord
Give him your heart today
And you will hear him say
How much you mean to him
Come on, just call unto him
He will make you reach heights
Take away all your freights
He will make your path straight
And then you will sing
Oh dear Lord you’re great
Let us call upon the Lord
Reach out to the skies and shout

It’s early morning, and she wakes up
Makes some bread and then she packs up
She brushes her hair and wears her shoe
Come on now, let me drop you
She goes for work and checks her files
She feels so tired after walking those miles
She still enjoys what she does
Come on now, what’s the fuss?
Friends come home and we party all night
Eat some chips and start a pillow fight
They are my world and it’s full of light
Come on now, join the flight
Take me to a place where the sun don’t set
Take me high so I reach the sky
My dreams and wishes will get satisfied
Come on now, stay alive
Every day belongs to us
Come on now, let’s take the bus
Let me show you around and then you’ll see
That there are so many of us
Longing to be like you or me

I thought you knew
How much I needed you
But you just left me all alone in the dark
After all these years
I still feel the pain
When every guy just leaves me in the dark
Am I not worth being loved, dear god
Am I the joke for all, dear god
They'd come to me
And tell me that am good
But in the end they just dump me like a fruit
It hurts me bad
As it adds on to the pain
But I still fake a smile in that pain
Am I really that bad, dear god
Am I going to be alone, dear god
No one sees
The pain inside of me
I cry all alone in the dark, dear god
They all just need me
For sometime in thier lives
And then they all just tell me
Leave me alone, leave my side
For how long I've to be this way god
For how long I've to be alone, dear god

Oh no, Here we go again
Don't start, don't be such a pain
I know what your upto
And am sick of all that you do
You say that you love me
But do you?
I don't need this
Because I can see right through you
You're no good
Trust me when I say this
You're absurd
And this is something that I heard
If you say, you love me
Why can't you treat me right
If you say, you care
Why do we fight
Oh no, Something ain't right
Don't start lets just not fight
You tore me apart
With your harsh words
And now you're a free bird
You're no good
Trust me when I say this
You're absurd
And this is something that I heard
I don't know what is happening
You just are so damn frightening
I need to get away from here
And start afresh without you
Being anywhere near.

Last night was special apart from the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, there was something else that made an impact on me and someone who’s special in my life. I am not a major movie buff and I don’t understand the technicalities of it. But, I am good enough to appreciate a film that was remarkably one of the best or may be I will go one step ahead and say “The Best” thought provoking movie that I have ever seen in recent times. No I did not go out to watch a mushy mushy love story, I am talking about a movie with a tag line that says “Every Child Is Special” Yes, I am talking about Tare Zameen Par.

I am just going to give you a quick snap shot of this movie. It revolves around an 8 year old kid who endures a lot of pain because no one around him recognizes that he is a slow learner. He found it hard to cope up with his studies and always felt pressured by his parents. He was packed off to a boarding school by his parents hoping that he would become a bit more disciplined but this just added to the kid’s trauma. The separation from his family made the child feel neglected, rejected, unloved and uncared for. He felt that he was given the worst punishment of separation just because he wasn’t excelling at school. His parents and teachers compared him to his brother who was an ace student in all fields. They failed to realize that this child needs help and love.
Alright, now why am I writing an article based on this? I have my reasons and I am penning them down. I know for a fact that this movie will make me cry but what I didn’t realize that it would have such a big impact on me. Every kid is special, and different. They all need to be treated correctly. I know a girl who had a similar problem when she was 10 years old. No she wasn’t suffering from dyslexia (like the actor in the movie) but, she did feel left out and rejected all her life. She was an average student, was ok at sports and sings well. So, then, what’s the similarity between the kid in the movie and her?

People in her life failed to realize that she felt unloved and uncared for. Most of her life she didn’t have her father by her side. She faced a lot of verbal and physical abuse right from when she was 10 years old. People didn’t know or rather failed to realize the impact it can have on a child. She went through hell, from her parent who didn’t want to believe that she was suffering from an eye problem right from grade 2. Oh, she voiced out the problem but her mother dismissed the whole thing by saying that you don’t have a problem you just want to “show off”. I mean why would a girl who’s in grade 2 want to show off with glasses. She suffered because of this, as she sat in the last row she couldn’t see the black board and always had to look into her neighbor’s book to copy notes. This was a huge problem because she got caught by her teachers during exams for trying to copy when all she did was trying to copy the questions written on the board. Because her mother failed to realize this, her grades dropped. She finally got her lens when she reached grade 7. There has been so many such instances in her life She longed to tell someone about how she felt, but everybody dismissed everything she had to say. She felt the separation right there and spent hours together in her room crying and longing for someone to hold her tight and hear all that she had to say. For any child family is something that’s permanent, something that will always remain to be a part of their lives. But, what happens when they fail to listen to that child like in this girl’s case or when they over look a certain disability like in the case of Ishann (the actor)

The child starts to develop fear, a mental block rather. This stops the child from letting people (parents, teachers) know that he/she is having a problem and that it needs attention and help. Every parent, teacher, friends and siblings needs to communicate and listen to what each other have to say. Every child needs to be heard, they need to know that they can go up to their parents for anything and everything. A child will only know this if parents make them feel that they are there to help them at all times. In the case of Ishaan there was Ram (arts teacher - aamir khan).In the case of the girl there was no one. She is all grown up now. But she stills carries the hurt of wanting to tell someone how she felt and that she needs help. Till date she knows nothing about her father, except may be for his name and designation. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a papa or dada as she would say. She has achieved a lot of things in school and in college but she never had her dad calling her up to tell her that she’s made him happy or congrats on your achievement. Only she knows how much she wanted it.

It was this movie that made her realize that she has achieved all that Ishaan did and that is something to be proud of. She didn’t know that she was good at something because no one in her family recognized her talent and no one appreciated her for her work (till date). Nobody (family) even knows that she writes even though she has shown her work. She didn’t have a Ram in her life to make her realize that she’s a winner. But, through the movie she understood that she has done it. She also realized that she’s all grown up and that she is not that little kid any more. She has been waiting for nearly a decade hoping that things will change for her but nothing did, she realized that she is old enough to be there for the other kids who are like her, but, she is still longing for a family that will appreciate her every work. And with all her heart she waits, waits patiently.

I would like to conclude by saying that, please do not neglect any child. Listen to what they have to say. Make them know that as parents we re always here for you. Yelling, beating or any other kind of abuse is not the way to correct a child. It’s only through love. At all times let your kids know that they are loved. This girl still waits for the void created by her family to be filled. Don’t ever make your kid feel alone because once this gets registered in the kid’s mind and heart, the trauma the child faces only I know and it HURTS. The child is yours LOVE HIM/HER abundantly.

There she was looking at me
With roses in her hands
That was given by me
Yeah, she’s my girl
We had a tiff
Now, am just wondering what else to gift
I keep pacing up and down
And every time I look at her
She just frowns
It’s Valentine’s Day today
And I made her sad
Let me do something
To make her glad
I think, I think, I think real hard
And I came up with an idea
Wow, I am smart
I quickly sat down to write a song
Just so I and my sweetheart can sing along
I slowly walk toward her
As she looks around
I hold her close to me
And I sing a song
You are my valentine
And I love you
Don’t feel angry, don’t feel blue
Am sorry for making you upset
I know that’s wrong
I accept my mistake
You accept my song
You are my valentine
And I love you
Don’t feel angry, don’t feel blue.

I read your Blog….Keep up the great work of being real and letting Jesus shine through you. Some Christians get so preachy that we don’t seem real to people which only turns people off. They need to know that we are real and that, yes, we struggle with issues too, but we have someone that will help us through all of our struggles. We should all have a goal of helping people that suffer and coming against injustice. We need more Christian like you!
God Bless You!
Pastor John Marvin

There she goes walking down the empty old street
As tears filled her eyes
She tries so hard not to cry
But the pain's so hard to take
She falls apart
She doesn’t seem to understand, why
No one chooses to be by her side
They all seem to want her
But, not for life
Poor girl seems helpless
Disheartened she beats up herself
She shows her true colors only to the one, she loves
But many fail to ease her, and just storm out
She knows in her heart, she is all alone
And when she cries out, people slam the phone
Is it her fault that she needs some attention?
How much does it cost to give her that affection?
Every tear drop is counted
Every cry is heard
But as for this little girl
She has made up her mind
She will be kind
Kind enough to be there for the ones
Who need her for life.
With pain engulfing her heart
She takes a stroll through park
She has seen this happen to her
Time after time
It’s no different, it ain’t a crime
She picks up the pieces
And pulls up her life
She wipes all her tears
And says goodnight.

Hi people, firstly, thank you all for your comments on my first article. I really appreciate y’all taking time out to read it. This has encouraged me to go ahead and write my second one. I mostly concentrate on topics that can make an individual think. Am not saying that he has to act on it, but I believe that thinking is the first step before someone jumps into action. Agreed? Well, for my second topic I decided to talk on the subject of “Love”. Now, wait am not referring to the romantic shade of it but Love as a whole. Let me ask you, how many of us actually take time out to let your loved ones know that you really care for them? Answer, sadly not many. We don’t realize the impact this can have on a person.

I have in my life time come across various people, different race, color and religion. Well who hasn’t? Anyways, now not everyone I meet leave a mark on me but, most of them did. If you ask a close friend of mine he will tell you that I call all my friends as my close friends.

Years back, I took a major leap of faith and I moved away from the ones who betrayed me (friends). Nope, am not complaining about it because the 2 months of isolation I went through made me realize the value of letting your loved ones know that you care. I felt so lost and unloved. I was in disbelief that my own friends can actually be so cruel. Time passed, I made new friends but I was always haunted by my past. I found it difficult to cope up; somewhere down the line I always thought these friends would betray me as well. But, they all contributed in making me believe that they are there for me no matter what. And that made me feel loved.

Every human alive will agree with me that it is important to show some love to your loved ones. Be it love from a mother to her child, brother to a sister or a boy friend to his girl friend or whoever. I will not deny the fact that everyone expresses their love. Am not here to debate on how much you have to or how often you have to express your love. Am just asking you “if your loved ones know that you love them no matter what”? Many of us, am sure have felt that we should have shown this person a little more love or treated him/her a little better. I have felt it. But, by the time I even realized this I had lost the person for good. So, I decided to show my love for people I love with every chance I get. It makes me feel special when I have people tell me how important I am to them and how much they love me.

Do you know that, with just your loving words, you can put a smile on a sad face and heal a broken heart? Try it and you will see. You might be the busiest man on planet earth but if you have someone who is longing for your love don’t be too busy in letting them know u care. Because you might be busy loving what you do and they might be busy loving you (take it in the right sense). Am not saying that that’s all they do.

If you have a loved one waiting to hear from you, don’t think twice to call him or her. Spend time with your loved ones every chance you get. But, don’t miss out on the “other” things that are a part of your life. At the same time if you not getting the attention that you feel you should get. Don’t go asking for it. You are worth so much more. Also, stop to think if you’re treating those that are in your life correctly.

When you’re away from your loved one, be it whether you’re in your college or your work place or just hanging out with your bunch of friends, make an attempt to at least call or text your loved ones, a simple hi will make him/her feel special and wanted. After going home spend time with your family, find out what happened at home when you weren’t around. These are few things that you can do. I get busy once am at work but I make sure that I let my loved one know that am thinking about him with may be a call or a message.

I have seen cases where the opposite party doesn’t even react properly when he/she receives a call from a loved one. Maybe your busy maybe your not but don’t ever take things for granted. If you were unable to react properly due to unavoidable circumstances just let your loved one know that you were caught up in a situation that forced me to react this way. And when a loved one calls you, talk to him/her properly, avoid giving away signs like you aren’t interested in talking to him/her because, that could hurt.

Everyone in this world wants to love and be loved. When you have an opportunity to show it to some one don’t be a fool to miss out on it. Never let a person who is counting on you for your affection, love or care, down. They want it from you because you make them feel special. Be happy that there is someone who is longing for you, waiting for that one call or message from you. Please, do not think twice to let your loved once know that you care.


How many of us here know what our purpose in life is? How many of us can boldly or rather confidentially say that I know what my purpose in life is? Sure, you can tell me that you found your purpose in life; you can tell me that you’re a successful business man or an ace student or whatever. But that doesn’t mean that you have discovered your purpose in life or does it? I mean I can relate to all of the above listed things, its just that I would call it a responsibility and not a purpose. I asked myself the same question and the answer is I didn’t have a clear vision or rather an insight of my life’s purpose (until 2005 dec). How can one determine his or her purpose in life? Now, am not saying that by the end of this article you will know what your life’s purpose is but am sure that it will at least make you think about it.

I never really gave a thought about this until December of 2005 when my life was transformed for the better. Never did I believe in the strange ways of God to instill a purpose into every one of us. Trust me when I say this each of us have a purpose we just have to dig deep to find out what that purpose is. Now, the question is how do I do that? I don’t know if there is one correct way to discover these things but I can tell you how I, found my purpose in life. Time after time you might have come across situations that could grip your heart and question god. In my case it was people, right from my young age I was able to connect with the ones who were hurt in life. I always had an urge to go out and be there for them in all ways possible. When I was in school we (friends and I) decided to visit an old aged home. I admit that this was not something we wanted to do. It was Diwali and we wanted to do something different and when this thought cropped up we decided to give it a ago. It was a meaningless act if you ask me. We were just caught up in the moment. So, we landed in this place handed over the “stuff” you know the sweets, clothes etc…to the management and then we decided to spend time with the “senior citizens”.

This was the turning point of my life. One little conversation with a grandpa affected me so much that it bought tears to my eyes. Soon, we left the place and as always my friends and I gathered up in the terrace to discuss on “the other” things. This experience for me was like a passing cloud because I felt at that time there was really nothing that I could offer these people and slowly I distanced myself from the entire episode. Years passed, I grew, and I no longer had the friends I used to. I was going through a rough patch in my life. I guess this is the time when every girl questions “Am I a woman or a girl”? Things took a sharp turn in my life and before I knew it I felt my inner energy was tapped. I could hear a voice cry out to me. I have never felt this way before. I felt so strong and empowered and it was during this time that I asked myself this question Tina, What is the purpose in your life? A quick flash back and once again tears filled my eyes. I realized that at that time I made the grandpa feel wanted. I made him feel that I was looking out for him and that I cared to spend Diwali with him for that little time. I realized that the meaningless act was not so meaningless anymore and after all those years my heart felt content. I realized that my purpose in life was to be there for the one’s who are hurt, for the ones who just needed that special attention, hear them out and give them the boost they need to stand up and get going. Now just because I do this doesn’t mean my life is a bed of roses. I have my share of problems and I at times break down. But, that doesn’t stop me from being there for others.

I have had people come up to me and ask “how can you possibly be there for others when you can’t be there for yourself”. Well I really don’t have an answer to that and I really don’t care how , I don’t even have to justify it because I know in my heart I’m doing what is right and more importantly am doing what is right without hurting anybody. Now, that I found my purpose I have put that into action. I may not be carrying this out on a major scale or level but I am doing it in every little way possible.

If today you have decided to find out what your purpose in life is make sure that you line up your purpose with your ability, needs and desires. Make the choice and be the difference is.


Are you going to sit down and grumble all day?
Are you going to sit back and not get up?
Who told you that you are not worth it?
Who told you that you aren’t good enough?
You are the air that fills the earth
I know what you’re going through
But it is high time you break through
You got all it takes to be yourself
But come-on now let me just help
You are not someone who knows it all
But you don’t have to end up speaking to the wall
Show the world what you made of
Look at all things that you’ve got
You really are special in your own ways
Don’t listen to what others say
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind
I am sure that one day you will find
The love of your life
But I want to see you geared up for life
I don’t ever want to see you weak inside
You got all it takes to be yourself
But come-on now let me just help
You weren’t born to be a loser
You for me are a sure winner
All that I want is to see you change
Come on be strong and don’t ever blame
Make me proud break the shackles
Stand up against the ones who look down upon you
Control you because you gave them the power to
You aren’t the victim but the victor here
Stand up and say that I am strong enough
So that everyone can hear
You got all it takes to be yourself
Come-on now let me just help

It’s so darn easy to feel alone
Just pack your bags and leave your home
I call my love to say a hi
All he had to tell me was a goodbye
What did I do to deserve all this I cry?
It’s not easy to move on but I try
I think that there must be another way
That will make it easier for me to say
Hey, hey come along
Don’t give up but just carry on
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weak
Don’t listen to all that they speak
You know in your heart you’re being true
And that you’re not expecting anything out of the blue
A strong miracle is all I need
To shut them up and fulfill my deed
Today you’re special and tomorrow you’re not
What world am I living in?
They all are just ready to poke
I believe in taking chances
To make the change
So be bold and shout it out
Let your voice be heard
Don’t be afraid
You’re as precious as gold
For someone in this world
Just find out whom sweet girl
Hey, hey come along
Don’t give up but just carry on
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weak
Don’t listen to all that they speak
You are wanted and you are loved
Maybe it's your time to kick off and fly
How will you know,untill you’ve tried
I am right here waiting to help you out
Ready to listen to all you got
I’m not the one to leave your side
But I will be there to see you fly
Hey, hey come along
Don’t give up but just carry on
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weak
Don’t listen to all that they speak.

She sits here on the look out for someone
Someone who can hear her out
And not shout
She sits here wanting to be loved
She is not able to fight this feeling and let go
Now, she feels lost and doesn’t know
She can trust no one
She can’t even turn around to seek help
She feels like an alien
Even when she is around her friends
She tries to get closer
But they all just call her a loser
People who she knows from birth
Don’t want her anywhere near
She can’t fight this feeling anymore
She cries out cause she doesn’t know
What she did wrong she doesn't even know
But when she goes out to make peace and find ease
They all turn away and just tease
She says she ain’t weak
But does cry when she freaks
All that she wants is a warm hug
Just so she knows she’s loved
She feels left out and unimportant
Hoping that someday
She will be appreciated
She knows who she is and what she does
And every statement she makes creates a buzz
All that I can tell you is that
Don’t feel ashamed to cry
Because that’s one way I see through you
Whatever happens keep this in your head
That no matter what you tell
I won’t love you any less
If you want to get angry do so
Talk to me and we will take things slow
I am there for you no matter what though
But don’t hide and shy away
No mater what I m here and will stand by you
When everybody takes a hike
I still will be here waiting for you.

Baby, it’s alright take it easy
Now don’t you worry I can see
I need you like crazy
And it’s not just my fantasy
Carry me in your arms
Touch me with your palms
Let me there for you
At times of trouble
Let us sit together and burst those bubbles
You know that I’ll be there
If you should need me
They why worry honey
We got each other and can take on things together
I need you to realize
That this ain’t a game of cat and mice
I will not hide nor will I make promise that I can’t keep
I won’t be the cause for your disturbed sleep
Because I need you like crazy

He creates a way where there seems to be noway
He works in ways we cannot see
But I assure you he'll be there for both you and me
He heals the broken hearted
He cares for those who are battered
Oh how great is our Lord
My lord I love you a lot
A lot more than what my words can express
You took time out and taught me a lot
Before all this I was just an empty pot
Everytime I start fighting
I think of all the bloody beating
You took for me
Oh how great is our Lord
I havn't been there off late
And it's not coz I've lost faith
Come regin in me
My strength my shield
You have given me my space
And I hope in everything I do
I will leave behind your trace

Sometimes things seem beautiful
Sometimes it seems so unreal
Whatever be the situation
This heart of mine will praise you
For you are my everything
My fortress my strength
Your love rules my heart
And forever you'll stay and never depart
Sometimes things are rocky
Sometimes I feel so weary
But at all times you're there
Especially when I start to glare
You are alive and have indeed risen
My saviour my Jesus
You are simply out of this world
Sometimes when I'm down
Sometimes when I frown
You become the clown to make me smile
My father my love
Where will I be if we wern't meant to be
You were forsaken when I was forgiven
It all comes down to this now Lord
It's all about you.

Shall we dance
To the tune of the breeze
Shall I hold you
And get down on my knees
There's a little heart
That's looking to be healed
With that one kiss of yours
I'm sure you'll open many doors for me
There were times at night
When I could hear the trees
Whisper all their sad stories
It was like they were looking out for someone
For that someone who will make sure
All things are said and done
It's been quite sometime now
Since I heard those trees
Tell their sad stories
I sit it solitude and I wonder
And my mind begins to ponder
I know you will always be there for me
Like how I was there for those trees.

There's something about you
That makes me wanna cry
I know that you are the one
Who's gonna be there till I die
You gave me hope
When I was left with none
Now all of a sudden it's all fun
With each passing day
My happniess grows
And now I can handle everything
That my enemies throw
Without you in me
I can't find noway
I still wonder if this is what
You've got to say
I'm what I am b'coz of you my dear
I'll do anything
I give you my word do not fear
I'll be forver your lovely girl
Hold on to me and never let me go
Lets stay together and take things slow.

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