What kind of life would it be?
If I had to stay here
Just to make believe
Tell you what now baby
This ship is sailing away
And am sorry but you don’t have a say
Is this your attitude?
You might ask
I don’t have a choice
I don’t want to wear a mask
I am breaking free from all this crap
This is not a relationship
This is a trap
People, wake up and see
If you really have what you need
Don’t be the prey
Just cause your weak
Instead be poised, be meek
Guess this is something to think about
I don’t know for sure
But I still gave it a thought
Made me realize I was caught
I decided to break open the shackles
I was caught in and opted to move out
No regrets what so ever
I just think I am smart enough to be clever.


Yeah..true... WE get tangled most often than not into situations or relationships which only after later contemplation we realize if we r wrong footed....
"If you really have what you need" or more aptly "If you really know what you need" then don't be a prey...
I hope i understood the poem right...I am ABCD when it comes to poems....hehe
Keep Posting and congrats on the new book..


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Long time since ive seen you around :P
But then you resume right from where you left :)


veyr often we think being in love is the next big thing.. but my personal exp makes me to differ.. we yearn for love and once we are head over heels, then starts the dependence and commitments and hell a lot of things.. lets break free of the shackles and namesake relationships and think beyond the stereotypes..

and welcome back..

nice one mate... actually had to read it twice to get the point...last few lines made an impact
and since u dealt with breaking free from a relation, picture of a single bird wud ve been more appropriate...

hey gud one .....

not used to these kinda things...so had to read it more than twice to understand.. ;)

btw..thnxx for ya comment..

Listen, I dint read it twice, but i liked it all the same.
also the one one Poverty.

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nice poem...
relationships reexplained.

(plz chk out n comment)


No regrets what so ever
I just think I am smart enough to be clever
wonder what would say
mr johnny lever :D :P :D

nice one.. pardon my lame attempt at rhyming.. :)

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