Across the nations, over the sea
People unite in agony
Fighting for survival
In all that they see
Break the walls down of poverty
United we stand, banners fly
Protestors are left high and dry
Poverty the birthplace for vexation
Can’t blame the poor souls
They are drowning in deep depression
The fight goes on and on
As Ngo’s and Governments
Answer the phone
Do we see a solution at sight?
Or is poverty soaring as high as a kite.


Are they answering the phone is the question.....
I guess NGO's have to play a bigger role here....We all know abt the govt.
Anyway, nice topic to write a poem on and u've done it with ease...
Keep Writing..

actually helping them would be spoonfeeding. what actually needs to be done is that they shud be given avenues and opportunities to earn a living.most of the times, if ppl find tht they get help without much effort they dont value the hlp as much as they shud and take it for granted.

nice...I mostly write poetry about personal crap though..India's biggest problem is corruption....Money alloted to various projects is never really utilized they way it should/could have been...

nice poem..good topic

and you are back with your poems on what you witness.. i thought u would b wearing your romantic shoes for a while..

well.. what can the govt do? may be they can create some opportunities for the poor to develop themselves and avoid corruption.. i feel NGOs do help the poor but there are a few who r there jus for the namesake..

let us read more of ur romantic poems!!

nice one :)

nice poem...
the costs are soaring high, not the incomes...
may be even we will be a part of poverty!!! in 2020...

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V.Col see...u can do ur bit by going down to the slums and helping them out...u don have to be an NGO to help...rite

true...and as an individual i think a lotta ppl are doin thier part..i have played an active role in it as well..but as an individual i feel we have some limitations in we have to shift our focus on other things like work and stuff..u get wat m thts nt the case here rite

Imagine "the think tanks" of a big nation making plans to solve a single mystery without a break for the last 60 years. The mystery of "10 rotis, some smashed aloos,and glass of water".Calculate the cost ..multiply it with whatever number you like...
It is not that we don't see the solution.It is always about not "feeling "the answer...
Great post...

gud one.....

btw...Ur template is cool...
And the chocolates too..... ;)

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