Searching for love
Through the day
Fighting pain
Through the night
Things change, people change
But the plight forever will be the same

Digging deep into the past
Trying to resolve unsolved emotions
Puts one in a delicate position
With no perfect present
Time didn’t wait, wounds never healed
But one moves on along with the memories

No one knows what the future holds
Tomorrow is far away
To survive this twinge
Is a battle on its own
Will someone be there?
Will someone be there for me today?

Every soul is precious
Every cry is heard
But still I see deaf ears
And eyes with fake tears
People dressed in white
Are not angels in disguise
When was the last time?
They ever did something right

Drought, hunger and death
Are all set to strike
What is your take on this?
Are you even willing to fight?
Debates, discussions, interviews
Is not the answer for this?
Put your words into action
And maybe this time you won’t miss

You are the chosen one
Elected by the people
The whole nation looks up to you
But all you do is kill
Go out there and do what is right
People dressed in white
You have the power
In which you take pride
Use it to hear the torment and cry
Of the minority
Who are depressed and deprived.

Hush now don’t say a word
Just close your eyes and see the world
The peace, the beauty that surrounds your mind
Is not what you’ll get to see on the outside
Serenity is a quality one must develop
The beauty of it lies underneath your cup
The cup of life is in your hands
Use it wise, use it while you can
Live your life to the fullest
Yes, I have heard that a million times before
But have you thought about the rest
Rest assured you will have places to go
I would love to see the world
The world I see when I shut my eyes
Hopes and dreams fade the minute I open my eyes
I am willing to press on till my last breath
I will not give up even if am on my death bed
Serenity, we will get there for sure
With our eyes open
We will make a secure future.

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