Look around you
What do you see?
Ask this to yourself
Wherever you may be
I was at this concert
Just the other day
Two questions where directed at me
And now am directing it to y’all today
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
These are the questions
To which am answering
But what am I talking about?
Y’all must be thinking
Molestation, harassment, dowry
Poverty, child labor and slavery
All this and more
Is happening in your locality
Now tell me
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
Shocking but true
I speaking from the victim’s point of view
Do what you can
The steps are few
But if we stick together
We can make things brand new.

It is so clear
The breath of life is here
I don't want to miss out on it
Like I did the last time
What makes me say this
Is what I feel inside
That everyone of us is special
And there is nothing to hide
At times we can just feel so low and blue
Feel worthless without a clue
Look deep within you
And your sure to find something new
I am just a small town girl
With dreams and hopes
Got no clue of what to expect
Got no idea about who I am yet
I just hope that I can make a difference
In some one's life
Be there around them to make things right
Random thoughts running in my mind
But my words are true
So let them shine

The world is full of people
Too busy with their lives
Well am not an exception to this
But I see to that I don't lose sight
On my way to work
I saw few people fight
I could only say to myself
That this world is in desperate need for help
People always have time for themselves
But not for their loved ones
This shows we live in a selfish world
With a lot of self centered people around
Things have got to change
But where does one start?
Stop, don't turn to your neighbour
Why don't you make the start

Do you know that we serve an awesome god
Who died, So that we could live
He bore all the burdens for us
And he accepted us inspite of our sins
He was brutally beaten for his good deeds
And still hears us out and answers our needs
As I sit here in my bay
These thoughts rushed into my mind
That made me say
I serve an awesome god today

Can I come to you?
When I feel low
Will you lift me up?
And never let go

Can I tell you?
All of my secrets
Will you help me?
Safeguard it from the rest

Can I hear you say?
I love you
Will you treat me well?
Till the end and not sue

Can I see you cry?
Just to me
Will you let me be there?
To set you free

Can I know you more?
The whole of you
Will you be my friend?
From now on till the end

If you need me I'll be there
If you don't I don't care
The world is a better place to live in
If you can press on and not give in
Everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame
To get there survival of the fittest is the game
Play your part and play it fair
In the end you will get your share
Open your mind and envisage
Open your eyes to see the ridge
Give all that you have got
Sometimes I wish I never fought
Look out for new opportunity
Find it and your sure to glee
This is what needs to done
For all of us to have some fun

Oh lord my god
I feel real odd
To see people around me
Who wouldn’t let me be
I lost many friends
The minute they knew Jesus is my trend
How it hurts me to see
These people who fail to see you as the key
They dislike me
They tell me it’s impossible to be sin free
With you by my side
I will shine with pride
I pray in and out
Lord for you alone I will sing aloud
I was blessed to hear you say
That I will carry your burden and pay
Thank you for your message
I feel as if I’ve been set free from a cage
My heart will seek out for your face
That forever will be my case

Praise be unto the lord
Who has worked miracles upon us
Praise his holy name
For he has helped us win the game
He has healed us
He has released his mighty power
Only to shower us with his blessings
For he is our strong tower
For this Easter god made sure
That we heard his message of cure
We were touched and we were healed
As for me and my friends
All we did was kneel
We gave him thanks of praise
For he is full of grace
Always ready to hear us out
Thank you lord for sending us an anointed preacher
Thank you for your message our wonderful teacher
We forever will worship you
We are your selected few
Who will always run to you
We surrender to you oh Lord
We give you our lives
We worship you with all our hearts
We will spread your words in different parts
Be with us dear Lord
Help us reach out to the crowd.

It's that time of the year
For us to freak out and cheer
A very special day it is
For all of us who know this kid
Stern stubborn strong
Call him however you want
An absolute star
Is what you are
You are turning a year older
Please don't sit there with your folder
It's your day it's your birthday
I wish you get all your heart's desire
Stay happy and blessed throughout the year
You deserve only the best things in life
For now just cut the cake with the knife
I send my wishes across to you
This one is long overdue
Have a blast today tomorrow and forever
Your birthday is going to rock that's for sure
Happy Birthday dear one
God bless you go now and have some fun.

Emotions running wild
I feel so confused inside
What seemed like fun before
Has been wiped off the shore
I can't understand on what's happening
I just hope he ain't gaming
I thought it was a start of a new beginning
Who am I kidding?
I am just a fool who has been dreaming
I don't have a clue on what's on the other side
I was rejoicing like an idiot with a lotta pride
I think I've to distance myself from such emotions
It's useless trying to make friends with passion

Through the sorrow through the joy
I’ve seen it all, my boy
Cried in darkness out of pain
In the end what did I gain?
As a child I had a dream
To say out loud what I mean
I guess I was too shy
As I stood there
Watching the world go by
Try to make a point and they call you stupid
But don’t give up till you achieve it
Everybody’s got their share of miseries
Talk to them and you’ll hear all their stories
For many the sorrows may last for a night
But many won’t let go without a fight
No matter what the situation is like
Life goes on mate, just don’t strike
Be bold be strong
Nothing in your life can ever go wrong
Stand up for what you believe in
Don’t forgot that life goes on
Even if you plan to give in

Ever believed in miracles
That could bring about a change in your life
Thinking of it now I chuckle
To see the difference I make in someone else’s life
Someone special crossed my path
Right when I was under someone’s wrath
I’m amazed at the instant bond
I’m speechless I’m stunned
With heart of diamond and words of gold
A pearl of a person, really bold
This is a miracle that I cherish
For this one has made my worries perish
A wonderful entry into my barren life
Has added yet another chapter to make things right
I don’t know what to expect out of this
But I’m sure I won’t end up giving it a miss
Let me see what’s in store for me
Hopefully things will be alright and I‘ll be free.

Walking by the sea shore
Starring at the sky
The stars shine brightly
All through the night
The sound of waves reaches my ears
As I recollect my past few years
I see a single tree at a distance
How I wish to settle here with my tent
The touch of the wind makes me cold
I really wish I was old
Its a beautiful night never the less
Oh wait I just remembered
I need to go my room's a mess

Two days of rain and a day of game
We all waited before we took aim
This is my first shot at the sport
And now I guess I am addicted to the court
So much of energy so much of fun
The spirit of the game is as bright as the sun
I can’t believe its love at first sight for me
This game has captured my heart oh so deeply
Looking for fitness, looking for health
Look no further, here’s a game
Ultimate Frisbee is the name
For those who are looking out for a sport
Hope I’ll see y’all this weekend at the court.

She counted upon many to hear her out
Surrounded by people and all they got
Never had a family who made her feel real love
Mama's got her excuses and
Dada's got his job
She grew up all alone
Spent sleepless nights by her phone
All she wanted was some attention
But no one's got the time
Silently she cries herself to sleep
With no one by her side
To console her as she weeps
She locks herself inside a bathroom
And cries her sorrows out
Hoping that someone someday will hear her out
She waited for so long
Nothing has changed
People enter her life and
All she gets is tamed
It's now too late for anyone
She moved away for good
Filled with hurt and remorse
She just feels too lost
So she opened the bottle of tablets
And consumed all the pills
The medicine that use to heal her
Became the venom that kills
That’s right she is no longer alive
For us to reach out to her
But keep in mind that
There are so many more just like her
There could be someone
Whos’ right there next to you
Don’t forget to tell her
What she means to you.

What a win - HISTORIC!! A fitting end to a nightmare. I have to put this write up in my blog for personal reasons. India beat Australia in their home soil to claim the CB series.

I don't know much about cricket but I used to be a die hard fan of the Australian cricket team (my family still is) but things changed the moment I saw Dhoni enter the team. Am not his fan but he is an important person. By God's Grace and his hard work this young lad has achieved so much in such a short span of time and HATS OFF to that.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the Indian team but they maintained their professionalism and have answered back in a fitting way. The team has stuck together at all times with a captain that backed them no matter what paved the way to a series win against the aussies. This is India's FIRST EVER tri-series win. A nail biting finish indeed.

Chak diya India. We are definitely proud of you. An amazing display of team work mixed with the right amount of aggression. The youngsters have done it, proved the critics wrong. A strong team in the making and this is just the beginning.

Congratulations TEAM INDIA!

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