The world is full of people
Too busy with their lives
Well am not an exception to this
But I see to that I don't lose sight
On my way to work
I saw few people fight
I could only say to myself
That this world is in desperate need for help
People always have time for themselves
But not for their loved ones
This shows we live in a selfish world
With a lot of self centered people around
Things have got to change
But where does one start?
Stop, don't turn to your neighbour
Why don't you make the start


nice post...
you are right that one should make a start on his own rather than looking for someone else to proceed.

Hmmm nice!
Keep em going! Anyway u updating ur blog is very frequent :P


nice job tina...
keep rocking!

this is my blog,have a read when u r free....

A nice thought ....
we have to change..

Hey , so true....
U striked the nail on the head - ' dont look to ur neighbours . start the change' ...
Good poem from a good poet...

Arjun or wat u call ari :D

hey love the chocolates on the extreme left of ur page!!!
read like 3 posts...
very simple posts....nice...too much of religion and spiritual talk...but its fine!

this world is in desperate need for help..
really awesome.
Good poem from a good poet...

nice work and nice post keep it up..3 cheers for u

seriously the world needs help..One day at a time

nice poem :)
and great content.. really we should start by ourselves only, there is no chance to change the world, if you dont change yourself :)

very true poem buddy :)

hiiii tina madam...its me once again..really a fan of yo poems...
lets mke the start yaar......

nice thought..shows ur innocence as well..this world is a bad place...the sooner u accept the fact the better

keep writing


u hav a very well designed blog i must say...u hav b'fully presented ur posts also....overall a kewl blog...keep postin.

very true!!

i very well realte to it.. when i am busy :-D


i'm not so hard pressed for time!!

i'm a very caring neighbor


another one..

u r d first one to comment on my blog

m a novice u see..

thank you tina

thank you blogger


seriously, the world needs a change.. its a common sight to see people in a really wrong state

change the world...
getting technical
with more rhyme, alliteration and similies

and do checkout

Is it written by you?
its very good!

after reading this one m feeling as though i shud do somethng,..!!
very much inspiring ,........

nice post
check out

nice post
keep posting....
comment on my blog

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