Oh lord my god
I feel real odd
To see people around me
Who wouldn’t let me be
I lost many friends
The minute they knew Jesus is my trend
How it hurts me to see
These people who fail to see you as the key
They dislike me
They tell me it’s impossible to be sin free
With you by my side
I will shine with pride
I pray in and out
Lord for you alone I will sing aloud
I was blessed to hear you say
That I will carry your burden and pay
Thank you for your message
I feel as if I’ve been set free from a cage
My heart will seek out for your face
That forever will be my case


Nice poem.
but I am atheist.
will comment better on other ones later.

Nice one!! Made me think!!!

really very nice poem.i loved the 1st three lines very much.....

kepe it up :)

Hmmm! Love for Jesus is oozing :P!

"These people who fail to see you as the key
They dislike me"

These people dun deserve to be withcha! And Its not that your love for god will stand in the way of you being something for someone!


PS: Once again I have this complaint of trying to rhyme words :(
But this is a really nice post!

this is wonderful!! i could totally relate to this one! good to see someone so open about one's faith on the blogosphere. check out my blog too...u will like it.

hey in the prev poems, u seemed to get distracted by trying to rhyme word.. but this poem was good..

nice invocation...

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