Look around you
What do you see?
Ask this to yourself
Wherever you may be
I was at this concert
Just the other day
Two questions where directed at me
And now am directing it to y’all today
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
These are the questions
To which am answering
But what am I talking about?
Y’all must be thinking
Molestation, harassment, dowry
Poverty, child labor and slavery
All this and more
Is happening in your locality
Now tell me
Are we gonna stand and watch? Or
Are we gonna do something?
Shocking but true
I speaking from the victim’s point of view
Do what you can
The steps are few
But if we stick together
We can make things brand new.


even am standin and watchin now.. thought provokin poem.. may be i wil stand up oneday.. but wil i b alone and someone has to stand up for me after dat??

Its a sensitive issue..am one of those who stand against it. I had encountered some problems like this in my past and had given the right treatement to it. Am glad that am not alone in this regard..
nice one..
i love reading ur blog..
but am happy now that i got a friend too..

Txs u guys...
Yeah drags i dont jus give my ear it...i have been thr too

Glad to knw ur against it and that ur doin sometin abt it


you are right, when people stick together they might change things considering they really want it and are able to bring more than just words.

I would like to stick with it...

gr8 poem!!!
raja ram mohan roy!!!

porovocatively poetic

nice poem!!!!!!!!carry on

Yeah... We must stand united to achieve that...
I tend to agree with mano's comment.....
Asusually thought provoking and inspiring poem....
One Of ur Best..


SO true..I sometimes feel its even ok to stand and watch and do nothing about it but NEVER get the morale of the person who wants to do something DOWN!! I have got that so many times!!! But keep it coming!!

hey nice poem....nice place u hav here...keep up.

Grt one!!
But...These things happenin for ages..and even ppl keep telling "we-should-do-something" for ages and now you ve joined the club!

But the situation stil remains the same.

nice post..thought provoking one..

ur layout is kewl...update ur blog yaar

Hey ..wonderful effort that .. Telling it through a poetry takes something ..

Keep up the Good work.. And we sure can make things better ..

Its like these oxy morons - Painstakingly Poetic. It rips a person's heart, makes his ask questions and slaps on his face and says, what are you doing here? tina has moved on from her mushy mushy kinds to another genre - welcome girly. We look forward to hear ur strong thoughts in words soon....

nice one..keep going

hey u r absolutely right.....we have to stand up and make it count. why dont u create a platform here and now, ( probably another blog or an orkut community) we will all join u. and we can make these thoughts count and convert our dear emotions into action...what say

nice one
keep posting
check out mine

loved your way passing the message through lucid flow of words

a inquisitive post ...are we to stand and watch ...yes we all say we have to do something but does anybody does !we are all crammed in our individual circles of life ,worried about our own problems,turmoil ,so we dunno care about the things we read ,know or watch on the telly .Yes there is too much of poverty,crime and pain in this world ..we should raise a voice ..public service ..these all sound gr8 but how many of us respect and do them ....except people joining NGO's to charm up there resumes ...Think !

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