She counted upon many to hear her out
Surrounded by people and all they got
Never had a family who made her feel real love
Mama's got her excuses and
Dada's got his job
She grew up all alone
Spent sleepless nights by her phone
All she wanted was some attention
But no one's got the time
Silently she cries herself to sleep
With no one by her side
To console her as she weeps
She locks herself inside a bathroom
And cries her sorrows out
Hoping that someone someday will hear her out
She waited for so long
Nothing has changed
People enter her life and
All she gets is tamed
It's now too late for anyone
She moved away for good
Filled with hurt and remorse
She just feels too lost
So she opened the bottle of tablets
And consumed all the pills
The medicine that use to heal her
Became the venom that kills
That’s right she is no longer alive
For us to reach out to her
But keep in mind that
There are so many more just like her
There could be someone
Whos’ right there next to you
Don’t forget to tell her
What she means to you.


sad! have u felt like this sometimes? or have u described someone close who's harmed herself already?

i guess everyone feels lonely at some point or the other. ive felt the same too

nice narrative tee :)

oh i missed this poem this long... seriously there are peopl who need attention and at times even we feel like this.. and this poem was like an attention itself i must say...

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