If you need me I'll be there
If you don't I don't care
The world is a better place to live in
If you can press on and not give in
Everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame
To get there survival of the fittest is the game
Play your part and play it fair
In the end you will get your share
Open your mind and envisage
Open your eyes to see the ridge
Give all that you have got
Sometimes I wish I never fought
Look out for new opportunity
Find it and your sure to glee
This is what needs to done
For all of us to have some fun


nice post.. even i get these random thoughts running in my mind at times..

Somehow this poem is not your kinds. It is kind of intriguing, deep thoughts - which is ur type, but looks like a lot of frustration and pessimism s within! Are not tina's poems supossed to make a person sit up, introspect with happiness brimmin all over them??

However, I liked it.

Also lot of new additions, kinda tryin to keep the visitor hooked? Good efforts dear.

heyyy thats nice poetry buddy ... thanks for the comment on my photoblog .. there were other beautiful pics .. which were far more dazzling and full of my thoughts :)stay blessed

i think you wont mind if i add you blog on mine one !! really liked your poetry !! :)

hey G V not a prob...u can add mine :D

and KC yeahh i just gave it a shot.
lol...not my style though

Hmmm! I really like the content but somewhere I feel that trying to rhyme the words makes it a bit off color! Make sure the content goes the right way even if the words dont rhyme!



nice poem.. keep smiling..

Asusually u've come up with another nice thoughtful poem....
U do it with simplicity tina...
Real good poem...


are you a poet or what??

I mean..

so many poems..



great work!

This is my FAVOURITE :)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

wonderfully wondeful poem

excellent.....i like it

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