Ever believed in miracles
That could bring about a change in your life
Thinking of it now I chuckle
To see the difference I make in someone else’s life
Someone special crossed my path
Right when I was under someone’s wrath
I’m amazed at the instant bond
I’m speechless I’m stunned
With heart of diamond and words of gold
A pearl of a person, really bold
This is a miracle that I cherish
For this one has made my worries perish
A wonderful entry into my barren life
Has added yet another chapter to make things right
I don’t know what to expect out of this
But I’m sure I won’t end up giving it a miss
Let me see what’s in store for me
Hopefully things will be alright and I‘ll be free.


"My goal per se is to strengthen the weaken soul and make them feel worth a million dollars because every human on this planet deserves the best"

We are as weak as we THINK we are. So your goal ought to be to get the negativity out of people's lives. Noble thought though. Greatly appreciated.

Nice post.

Thank u so much karthik for ur thought's. I agree with you.

Strong or Weak it's all in the way we think. But there are ppl who I have met who need that xtra push to keep them goin a constant reminder. But I love the fact that I can be there for these ppl. I have seen changes :-)

Loooove the new look. The first blog on pearls, is a precious as it is!! Loved the one ultimate friesbee....Tina, U hav actually become a very emotional writeer - did not know if someone has told you this - but it kinds of touches the reader deep. I could feel warmth in the pearls poem, could feel the breeze of a beach in another! Kudos to you, sweet heart!

meetin someone who can bring the desired changes in ur life.. hopefully he must b ur soulmate.. well in ma case, i never expect anythin, to be happy with the unexpected surprises it may bring.. expectations never run in my mind these days, for the stupidity i did in the past jerk them away in one go

this is abt no particular person...I write a lot ouuta my imagination...Inspiriation behind the poem yes..but no personal connection as such

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