I turned 21 just last night.
And my god this year there were no fights
It all started with a surprise party at my house
Something that has never happened before
But it was one party that I enjoyed to the core
The celebrations went on and on
But I was as usual on the phone
Some how I was excited for this birthday
That I was smiling all through the day
I came for work and was a little upset
Cause something was missing from the desk
Later I went over to T3 to meet my friends
They were happy to see me in my latest trend
When I was about to leave
I asked about the missing thing
That's when I saw it come in.
I go back to my bay
And everyone there wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Then in the evening I was to cut two cakes
With another friend of mine
Who’s birthday falls on the same day as mine
It was a blast to celebrate my day with them
A heartfelt thanks goes out to all my friends
I come back to my bay after the celebrations at T3
And guess what there was another treat waiting for me
My friends in the sales bay
Ordered for a Chocolate Fantasy
From café coffee day
And I had a great time celebrating
Here in my bay
Oh wait things aren’t done yet
It was my turn now
To treat them to the fullest
We all had dinner at my expense
Something that made me feel content
There were lots of cute instances
Like when I had someone
Who came to pay me for my treat
On the whole this birthday was special
And all memories made from it
Will make me tell
You guys are truly my god given friends
Be it the ladies or the gents.

Everytime I talk to you
I'm able to see right through you
I don't know how
But all the hunches I made about you
Are right until now
I don't want you to look at me as some kind of a freak
It disturbs me so much to see you weak
Yes, I am young when compared to you
But I know that you've got absolutely no clue
Of what I have gone through
I might come across to you as a playful child
But don't forget to see me under the true light
Your eyes speak a lot to me
I know they carry a story
That I wanna see
Everytime I look at you
I look you straight in the eye
I feel as if they cry out to me
Asking me to hold you tight
You might be shrewd
You might be strong
You might even go on as if nothing is wrong
But my intuitions were right
You're not yourself
I wish to offer you my help
Now don't take this in the wrong sense
All that am trying to say is that
I want to be there for you through
Your joy and your pain
I want to tell you all this
Face to face
But I just can't do it
From my work place
I have the guts to text you
To see if you are ok
I'm just not doing it
Cause I don't want to get back a formal reply
That reads thanks am ok
I can understand why I get such a reply
But don't you think friendship can grow
As the time flies by
Am sure you started out the same way
With your other close friends
They too were once like me
Please now can you let me be
Your truly an amazing person in my sight
I don't want to let go of you without a fight
I hope you see that my feelings for you are true
And that it's not just mere sympathy
That I'm showing you
It's the position that you hold
That makes me feel a bit cold
If only you could strike a causal conversation
Or if I get to meet you during an intermission
What do I do? I feel so helpless
I can't understand why you doing this to yourself
But I want you to stop it all
And one day pick up my call.

Don’t think I’m trying to barge into your life
But I’m highly concerned over the things I hear
I don’t know what’s going on inside of you
But I really wish I knew
My imaginations are flying high as a kite
But my intentions are forever right
Why is it that you’re not eating?
I hope I can get the answer from you over a meeting
I’m deeply concerned about you
I pray that I can be there to help you through
I don’t have the courage to open up and ask
This to me is a damn huge task
I don’t know what’s wrong
But one thing is for sure
I don’t want to see you drown

It is a beautiful night
As lights fill the sky
Every soul delights
Cause it's such a magical night
It is the festival of lights
That is being celebrated nation wide
Something that even brings out
The ones who hide
It is indeed special
Cause I got something
That I never expected
Something that made my day
I was taken a back
When he reached out his hand
I didnt realise what had happend
Till I got inside the van
Well thank you God
Is all that I can say
For it is you who made my day.

Before I saw you
I really had no clue
Of what I was gonna do
But now in an instance
I feel that we have bridged the distance
After all these months
I finally saw you smile at me
Wow how lucky can I be
I don't want to sound hasty
But I wish one day
We can go out for a pastry
Normally it could be a guy
Who tells all this
But hey why would I miss
An oppourtunity like this
Just to tell you that
Your smile took me out of this world
And this to me is so much more precious
Than my diamonds or pearls

This is who you are
And this what you did
Now you decide for yourself
And tell me if you need any help
You were unfaithful
You were uncaring
You are all about yourself
And all you did was bragging
You broke too many hearts
You played so many parts
And now you sit all alone in the dark
Hiding your face behind a mask
In memories of you
I suffered in silence
Every single rule of love
You broke
Every promise you made
You shattered
I’ve moved on
Ever since you’ve been gone
Keep in mind that
Love once lost cannot be found.

All that I know is this
That I am who I am
Because of you dear
All the time when I
Faced a lot of pain
It was only you
Who helped me gain
What would I be
If you didn’t see me
I give you all that I have
For that is all that I can
Give back for all that you did
Time after time
It’s the same thing
That I bring
With more love and care
I salute you for who you are
God be blessed
For you have given me the life
And now every second of it
I cherish
With no complaints
I pick up what’s left over bit by bit

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