Everytime I talk to you
I'm able to see right through you
I don't know how
But all the hunches I made about you
Are right until now
I don't want you to look at me as some kind of a freak
It disturbs me so much to see you weak
Yes, I am young when compared to you
But I know that you've got absolutely no clue
Of what I have gone through
I might come across to you as a playful child
But don't forget to see me under the true light
Your eyes speak a lot to me
I know they carry a story
That I wanna see
Everytime I look at you
I look you straight in the eye
I feel as if they cry out to me
Asking me to hold you tight
You might be shrewd
You might be strong
You might even go on as if nothing is wrong
But my intuitions were right
You're not yourself
I wish to offer you my help
Now don't take this in the wrong sense
All that am trying to say is that
I want to be there for you through
Your joy and your pain
I want to tell you all this
Face to face
But I just can't do it
From my work place
I have the guts to text you
To see if you are ok
I'm just not doing it
Cause I don't want to get back a formal reply
That reads thanks am ok
I can understand why I get such a reply
But don't you think friendship can grow
As the time flies by
Am sure you started out the same way
With your other close friends
They too were once like me
Please now can you let me be
Your truly an amazing person in my sight
I don't want to let go of you without a fight
I hope you see that my feelings for you are true
And that it's not just mere sympathy
That I'm showing you
It's the position that you hold
That makes me feel a bit cold
If only you could strike a causal conversation
Or if I get to meet you during an intermission
What do I do? I feel so helpless
I can't understand why you doing this to yourself
But I want you to stop it all
And one day pick up my call.


first the corrections...line 5 until not untill; second line 18 cry out TO me not cry out me

now for the fun part...muhahahahahahaahahaaha love inna love mannenna stove

ore the pichai ille ok ok ok nadathe kanne nadathe

Vijay dai...enna over a ...thanks for the corrections and ur comments. :)

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