I turned 21 just last night.
And my god this year there were no fights
It all started with a surprise party at my house
Something that has never happened before
But it was one party that I enjoyed to the core
The celebrations went on and on
But I was as usual on the phone
Some how I was excited for this birthday
That I was smiling all through the day
I came for work and was a little upset
Cause something was missing from the desk
Later I went over to T3 to meet my friends
They were happy to see me in my latest trend
When I was about to leave
I asked about the missing thing
That's when I saw it come in.
I go back to my bay
And everyone there wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Then in the evening I was to cut two cakes
With another friend of mine
Who’s birthday falls on the same day as mine
It was a blast to celebrate my day with them
A heartfelt thanks goes out to all my friends
I come back to my bay after the celebrations at T3
And guess what there was another treat waiting for me
My friends in the sales bay
Ordered for a Chocolate Fantasy
From café coffee day
And I had a great time celebrating
Here in my bay
Oh wait things aren’t done yet
It was my turn now
To treat them to the fullest
We all had dinner at my expense
Something that made me feel content
There were lots of cute instances
Like when I had someone
Who came to pay me for my treat
On the whole this birthday was special
And all memories made from it
Will make me tell
You guys are truly my god given friends
Be it the ladies or the gents.


I think the last line should read - from heaven and from hell

Hi Tina,
very nice poem...shows true emotions. sounds like u had lot of fun!

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