Through the sorrow through the joy
I’ve seen it all, my boy
Cried in darkness out of pain
In the end what did I gain?
As a child I had a dream
To say out loud what I mean
I guess I was too shy
As I stood there
Watching the world go by
Try to make a point and they call you stupid
But don’t give up till you achieve it
Everybody’s got their share of miseries
Talk to them and you’ll hear all their stories
For many the sorrows may last for a night
But many won’t let go without a fight
No matter what the situation is like
Life goes on mate, just don’t strike
Be bold be strong
Nothing in your life can ever go wrong
Stand up for what you believe in
Don’t forgot that life goes on
Even if you plan to give in


Yeah...Life moves...
Hey, u make for a good poet...
Enjoyed all ur poems...
Full of emotions...
And by d way thanks for ur comment on mine..
Keep Posting..


Beautiful poem indeed.

PS: Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked it.

life moves on and it doesnt care for us to move one..

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