Every soul is precious
Every cry is heard
But still I see deaf ears
And eyes with fake tears
People dressed in white
Are not angels in disguise
When was the last time?
They ever did something right

Drought, hunger and death
Are all set to strike
What is your take on this?
Are you even willing to fight?
Debates, discussions, interviews
Is not the answer for this?
Put your words into action
And maybe this time you won’t miss

You are the chosen one
Elected by the people
The whole nation looks up to you
But all you do is kill
Go out there and do what is right
People dressed in white
You have the power
In which you take pride
Use it to hear the torment and cry
Of the minority
Who are depressed and deprived.


Very true..

yet another great poem by miss Tee :-D

these ppl in white.. man dnt i hate them like anythin..

but we cannot blame coz we ourselves dnt take up d initiative..


what's written is very true..
keep posting!


Good attempt. I can see a lot of difference and the " I am not lamenting - am making a difference" attitude in you. Kudos for tht.

As u said in ya profile, the world is filled mostly with selfish n self centered people... call it pessimism, but this is not gonna change, not at least in few coming years unless the people wid gud intentions at heart come (a fat chance)...

btw no one cud ve written it better... luvd it :)

much better than expected...
keep up ur social poetry

now if the educated lot dun wanna join politics then how can things change?

fake peopl, fake tears, fake gestures... and controlled emotions.. omg.. arent emotions meant to convey what v actually feel?

and those people in white.. willin to buy even angels...

and i add that this poem actually has the revolutionary tone which must also be the mindset of the younger lot..

When i started reading, i initially thought people in white was Evangelist :-))

LOL, but never the less , writing poems are not easy, ur doing a gr8 job

So true ..so true....
The purity of white appear only in their clothes and nowhere else....
The change has to come with the generation . I can't see an overnight change...

btw .. Fantastic Post....


@ all the above....Thank y'all so much...m glad ur being frank with ur comments....reallyy....

@ mahesh...I wasnt targeting the evangelist at all...

@ ari..i agree we cant see an overnight change...but the steps has to be taken...someway somwhow..

@crd...I dont knw as to how many of the educated lot will join politics...honestly, m not into politics either..but I worte thiospoem keepin in mind the current scenario...I feel this is one way of xpressing wat we feel abt the prevaling political situations

so true .. but sometimes supporting people can have a affect on you ... :)self experienced thing !!

supporting as in one supporting the others ... as people are like garbage wans .. always ready to throw their garbage on minds to you ...the negativity really affects the mind now ! :) have a nice day

~~~Golden Vulture~~~

Are not in angels in disguise!!!

You bet!! But i can see a change in your writing style with this poetry!!! Good one! :)

very nice theme of da poem !!
going to add this blog to my favourites !!

Nice poem.
we expect words into action from the chosen one elected
by the pepole..

maybe the white makes them blind that they don't c what is happening around them. "Jolikum Venmai u c :)"
hmm........ I think it is about time we started moving things, and not leave the whities alone.. there are many younger political parties coming along and even more slated to launch in the forth coming years(inside info), so even if we cant directly involve ourselves in politics, we shd start exercising our right to vote and vote the younger generation into power. The voice of the youth is powerful and if every child from every family takes action, the fate of this nation can be changed, for the better...

Yepp...its really nice..and I remember that a lot of your earlier poems lacked essence as u tried to hard to put them into a rhyming sense,..But yeah youve come a long way and now the poems are true to meaning !



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