I was at work when suddenly dark clouds covered the big blue sky. I was freezing as the temperature in my bay dropped to almost 19 degree. The climate forced me to draw out my note pad. Thankfully, it was lunch time in Europe and I had sometime on my hand. I walked out and sat on the stairway looking out the window I began to write...

“The scent of Love, its profound meaning
I saw it in you, as I rested for a while
Your breath on my neck and the warmth of your kiss
Took me by surprise – a sinful bliss
Don’t ask me why
Don’t ask me how
We always end up together somewhere somehow
I search my heart for some old memories
I am not surprised to see, they are now just some old can of cherries”.

The sky was so dark and the wind was blowing hard when, suddenly the skies opened and it began to pour down heavily. The climate was so romantic and sadly I was at work. All I could do to enjoy this climate was to put my imagination to some good use. I chuckled for some reason and started to pen down my next set of lines...

“I stand there in the balcony, facing the sea.
Waiting for you to gently come and hug me
Whisper in my ears, sweetie here’s your cup of tea
I turn to you and you say - the night looks naughty indeed
The touch of your hand
Triggers an unusual feeling with in me
Honey, I enjoy every moment you spend with me”.

Well well well, what do you know; it was time for me to go. I had a few calls to make and I wanted to keep the flow alive. Quickly, I shifted to my "work mode" and made those calls. Had a few good conversations and it was time for me to go. For some weird reason even before I completed the poem I knew it would be my favorite piece of work. I was home and climate was still lovely. I read through what I wrote and started to continue regaining the flow I wrote...

“Slowly, together we move to the couch
When suddenly I scream – OUCH!
You sat on my finger I laughed out loud
Sssshhh… the night’s fresh and there’s no crowd
I saw you chuckle as you uttered those blissful words out
I saw your eyes shine bright
I just couldn’t ignore your sight”.

I was getting in to the mood and suddenly my cell phone rings. “Hello…Oh hi, what’s up?” I end up having a long conversation with one of my close friend. Chit chatting late in to the night, I love having such conversations it’s always fun. Now, come on am sure y’all would agree with me on this one. Anyways, it was at this time I thought of rendering this poem in a different way and as I ended the conversation I went back in to working on my little master piece... (chuckle)

“We laid there watching the world go by
Am I testing your patience sweet sugar – Oh my!
The things you do, I’d love to see
Baby you never fail to amuse me
Holding your hands I say this to you
Some of my dreams I wish to share with you”.

It was late night. I went online, caught up with my ‘late night crawlers’, visiting my orkut pages, having some pleasant chat, drinking little wine and working on my poem. Oh, yeah!! I was still in the flow. I have written a lot of love/romantic poems in the past but, with this one I wanted to project the whole thing in a BOLD way, heat things up a bit and show some maturity in my writing style. I start imagining again, and I began to jot down a few lines...

“Take me in to a province that’s just ours
Where we can while away time and spend hours
Holding me in your arms – making love
Sweet talking all day all night long
I rested my head on your chest
I can hear your heartbeat, I feel your sweat
I raise my head to look in to your lovely eyes
Honey, let’s just become victims of the night
Making new memories – Lets delight
Thousand kisses with little fights”.

I was totally charged up all excited about this poem. I knew it was special for me and I wanted to post it on the 1st of June. Just so it could be the first poem of this month. So, here I am working on the last portion watching the match the final of the IPL, trying to keep my cool and my sense of imagination alive but, the intensity of the match is getting me all worked up,praying hard on the inside for Chennai to win the match and closing my eyes to picture the scene for me to start writing again...

“To lay there with him to watch him smile
His sweet smell of scent takes me miles
I love it when he puts his arms around me
And secures me tight

The night feels so complete when your right here by my side”.


I loved it!!! I like the bold you..Hope to see much more of this!! What/Who is the inspiration???

Hmm.... makes me wonder who the mystery person in that poem is. Keep us updated!

Heee heee... guys its all imaginary....ok not all of it but yeahh most of it :P ... Now now...plz dnt direct such ques at me m a poor gal with no ans...LOL LOL!!!! Jus kidding guys...but yeahh this poem is a mix of reality and imagination but m not going to reveal which one is real and which one is not..That's sometin for me to know and for y'all to find out. Now, m sure u guys have other work :P....

Well thank u rashi n ben for ur comments. Am happy u liked it!!


Hey this one is sweet! its something like a combination of a story(here its your day) and poems. Last time i saw something like this was in J.R.R.Tolkien books...

Well as said abpve, you have not only versed very nicely but have also given the most b'ful explanation to such good feelings which is a very rare instance...Gud job! ;)

really really good...
jus loved this one

Keep it up.

out of the few works yours that i have read... i'll rate this one as the BEST...
it had all the ingredients... the passion.. the love.. the contentment.. the sensuality... and you portrayed it so naturally and beautifully.. never got over the top..
u managed to strum the right chord..
simply awsome.. and those excerpts in b/w were quite interesting... it kind of helped the reader make a contact wid u and the poem...
well done...!!!


i have been away from your blog for a while now! just as i was thinking that, i see a scrap from u. Blass Orkut!

It sure is your master piece, beyond compare. What flow, what a choice of words, it is so romantically intriguing, and one feels transformed into a world of love! Thanks for keepinf us all in trance! We love it


Archana, now a ardent fan of you!

Hey Tina... sooper.... this will be the next poem that m plannin to steal from you......

T s not my mistak....

T s jus awesome....

Hey hey, this surely is ur best post till date....
The weather u enjoy the most rt..n wat better topic to come up wit a superb poem..
I liked the first and the third paragraph (of the poem) the most..
Infact the first one really drags u into the scheme...
Change of weather frm ur previous post to this one uh??!! lolz
Anyways, kudos to u..



you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?


tht ws good...a nice poem!!



NIce Nice...Prolly your best till now..And each time I come to your blog I find a better poet...You really are going great guns..I appreciate how you presented it and it adds variety to your blog!

Ps: Cherries...ROFLLMAO!


Lovely poem. I like the prose in between as well. The process of creating the piece. Nice touch. Look forward to reading more of your work.

ahan. first post without childlike innocence. bachhi jawaan ho rahi hai :d

looks like tina's in love:d. colleague eh? [:P]

lovely! that was innocently sensuous

No NO No....kya re???

M nt in love...its all outta imagination...

I jus wanted to change my way of writing...And come on chris...colleague!!!! did u ever hear me say nytin abt this...ha ha u and ur imagination

yeh lo. u dun have a sense of humor kya? [:p]

all u male colleagues, hard luck, its none of u [:p]

ofcourse i do...u tho are one trouble maker...kyun re??? prob kya hai? bolo...LOL

Chal chal pull my leg...I will take care of things soon :P

very well written

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey dats so sweet and beautiful....

i just d way u have writtn this post... very wel done...

Ur posts are refreshing....
keep it up.... :)

hey tina its really gr8

wasnt surprised at all as all ur poems r amazing and this one is too good

keep writing

Hey Tina,

I am not much of a fanboi of poems but I kinda liked the pauses between the lines.....nice diversion...I like it!!1

keep writing!!

Oh wow great poem and great post too...The presentation was very refreshing and to peek into the mind of a writer was awesome..

hey nice one ..liked it

I guess you have different perception of romance.

Read Victor Hugo, for the Romance!

hello dear tee....this is the best poem till date acording to me emerged out from yo diverse poem writing talent.its cos also that iam a real "romance " lover...mean to say anything related to romance is ma favourite...hope to c much of these wrks frm you.....
tke cre.

nice one... totally diff from the other poems..... both in the way of thinking and in the way of writing...

Marvellous!! Keep up the gd wrk Tina.. Poem wz so beautifl:)) I loved it man!!

the last poem is very good...

nice posting

Your poetry reminded me of some one special who is not in my life anymore.

Keep writing.


this sure wil top my list of fav poems by you.. the way you have narrated gives the effect of intervals well utilised and they leave a lingering effect..

am reading this poem for the third time and stil cant settle with my fav lines as the whole piece is undebatedly classic..

and the romantic mood.. these are the sweet memories which wil stay even in the next relationship which may bring a smile or at times may make you depressed as the craving for the good old days tops anything..

and whoz dis rohit sicko doing here?? he gave me a kiss even for my post!! strange arousal as i may call!!

@ rohan...sorry rohan if this upset u..hope u ok!!

@ mano....i dnt even wanna knw wat rohit's up to....hes been kissin chris too :P lol..thanks mano

and thank u all..lotta ma frnds are readin this post over n over again...so m workin on my nxt one....:D..watch this space for more

Thats a very nice poem! I don't know to talk about choice of words or whatever... But i can clearly see that you are able to speak your mind..!! thats all it takes to be a great poet/author or whatever....

its gr8 to know ur capable of that..

gr8 goin tina!!



hmm...really bold...it was a gud one!

Brilliant piece! Every bit of emotion captured and caged in words, only to be realeased when read.

Although..i don't see why the late night call changed the wake of the poem :P


Wow!! U are good!! :)


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