With the summer's heat knocking on my door
With winter's breeze far behind
I sit here with my glass of wine
Cooling myself with soothing music
knowing that tomorrows another day of sun shine

I make a big deal out of travelling to work
In an insane hour - 12 pm to be precise
With summer's heat draining every bit of my energy
I just can't come to terms with winter being so far off
the summer's heat - a reason for people's sad demise

Close to about 40 minutes in the sun
Makes me complain
Not stopping to think about the ones
Who work in this heat
Just to ensure we get our grains

So let’s look at the other side
Do not be so self centered
It's not a joke when others say
That someone’s hard work
Goes un noticed when things are taken for granted.


Haha.... Feels like the heat's gettin the best out of ya.......
It's the same for another million ppl in our country i guess.....

And the last paragraph , so true....
We got to feel for them....

Keep writing..


yeah totally agree with the last para... nice one... :)

love the starting.. thats jus what i do.. and the last two stanzas made me realise am ignoring the peopl who must b remembered.. and i love the last stanza..

So let’s look at the other side
Do not be so self centered
It's not a joke when others say
That someone’s hard work
Goes un noticed when things are taken for granted.

this really made me think.. and this poem scores more than ur prev poems..

OMG this came at a wonderful time..>The AC in office is spoilt and my table doesnt even have a fan :(

I was just cribbing about that when i saw your post!! Yeah Im not feeling so hot anymore :)

Genuine way to start the post !! "With the summer's heat knocking on my door" ., nice post !! But for us its rainy Season !! you guys are under hot seat !!

my blog :)

A good poem on the whole considering the fact that it was written in 7 mins. very true that we crib when our Ac is not working. We never think about the thousands of people in the power station who does so much by which we enjoy in our AC rooms.. I think its high time that we think also think about small small things done to us by others because of which we are able to enjoy our life at the expense of theirs.


PS: Its ok even if you don thank me for making you write the last 4 lines... Even if it was 2 mins you took to write them, you have rec 4 comments just for them...

Thanks a lot u guys...y'allmade my day [:D]...

This post is special coz i wrote this in like 5 min and one of my frnd "sara" told me that it looks incomplete and so i fullfilled her wishes of writin the last para in like 2 min...a master piece i must say lol..jus kidding..but thank u guys for ur support and encouragement.


It looks like you hate the s.o.b. sunlight...
but u cant hate it more than me...
as a poem it was good...
but u always try to attach a social messsage to it in one or thr other way...
and thats what makes ur poem gr8...

keep typing...


wonderful blog

nice write-ups


i love the look and feel of your blog. mouthwatery :p

poem is good, and it comes right because the sun is scroching hot and it is a power failure here!

ps. girl! ger your sunblock!!

Very nice! Hey, I've tagged u! Remember that dividing life into various segment thing? Plz do it!

really nice.. but i liked ur previous one more..
but yes.. the heat becomes unbearable at times..
my heart really goes out to all those rikshaw pullers, paani-walaas n everyone who sweat it out under the sun everyday..

nice poem.made in just 5 minutes?

nice of u to think abt the downtrodden too

very nice poem !!

I will rank this poem of urs as the best poem in this blog !!

seven minutes ?
dats impressive !!

like i always say..ur blog is adorable..

loved last para "..someone's hard work
Goes unnoticed when things are taken for granted..."

nice one..

Phrenic Minds
Incarnate yourself

very quick.If it was written very fastly thats the reason it is so good....keep on writing.

Hey... 1st time reading ur blog and i think ill b regular....

very wel writn and dat too so quickly.... amazing....

Keep writing....

today it was 41 degrees here in kolkata.


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