It’s 2 in the morning
I ain’t asleep
I walk to my balcony
Just to feel the cold breeze
I pull up my bean bag
I cuddle up there
Gaze at the stars
Silently wishing I was there
I tried to close my eyes
To dream for a while
But the sky was so attractive
Forced me to watch the clouds go by
Passing through the moon
It looked so fine
I covered myself with my blanky
I was having a good time
I also remembered that I have friends
Who leave work at this time
But the world they see
Is so very different from mine


Tina, very touching poem, and i don't mean to flatter.

I wonder what would your perspective be on what your friends see ...

a nice poem with a beautiful pic

How utterly simple and innocent was that! :)

nice poem...
i could imagine the scenario...
ur descriprtion was enough to drag me in the night sky...

plz comment back @

Tats so true man.......
The sky is always beautiful.....The way we see it marks the difference...
Very simple poem, yet very true and nice...
Keep penning such down.....


another simple sure u actually jotted down what u were feeling at tht very

same colour means different things to different peopl.. what we find interestin may b crap for others.. or may b they may find it interesting later.. these thoughts came in my mind whn i was reading ur poem..

Nice poem & perspective! Realy, night is so beautiful! Keep up the good work! :-)

Really nice one tina... especially i like the last few lines a lot... :)

PS: One small correction.... its Bean Bag and not Beam bag ... :)

ohh hey alo...thanks..i didnt notice the typo thr...idhulam correct a pannu da..:P


simple and nice. good.

but, can we see clouds at 2? ;)

nicely written..simple and sweeet

and yeah i love the late night drives get to see the city in a different light

nicely written..simple and sweeet

and yeah i love the late night drives get to see the city in a different light

simple & natural...nice poem (itz d kind of thing i do on some nites)


I connect with your vagueness. SOmetimes how little a clue i have scares the crap out of me.
And then there's the lonliness. You might find some solitude in it. But really, the vacuum next to me just keeps sapping away most of my strength. RIght now, I'd find it incredibly hard not to be in a situation like that and not be sad......

Sky denotes non comprehensive vastness which make it mysterious and beautiful. Loved your thoughts, I actually went out and looked at the sky after reading. Great work

hmm.. there was this inherant charm and dreamyness in the poem which i loved.. it had a laidback feel to it, but conveyed immense depth as i came down to the last line..
i feel that 2am in the morning is the best time to actually be with urself and nature.. everything quiet and calm.. its at such times, u realize the worth of the world around you and actually introspect...
and as i browsed thru the other posts, i loved the illustrations in each one.. well done..

This was lovely piece of expression!

hai tina .very good.Now you already is SOMEBODY.You are Tina, the writer.You are going to stay here for quite a long time. best wishes.
If you get time, visit MAN IN PAINTING and his world.

very nice !!!

gr8 combination of words used !!

ur blog is going from good to best now !! :)

:) Nice work..and yea 2 am...Ohh for me its like I roam around to see the sun come up and then I *think* about hitting the sack


Everything is about perspective, isnt it? Good-Bad , Night-Day, Everything...When things go rough step back and see it from another perspective!! Reading too much into it? :)

WOW, so simple and yet so lovely,
it takes an inner beauty to see beauty ouside.
from this poem i learnt that poetry is not only the beauty in the eye of the poet but the eye and the poet of beauty itself

I felt that this poem is not words written to be read and felt but feelings and thought written to get out.
This is your greatest accomplishment, and yet your worst fear

dats a lovely poem :)

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