He creates a way where there seems to be noway
He works in ways we cannot see
But I assure you he'll be there for both you and me
He heals the broken hearted
He cares for those who are battered
Oh how great is our Lord
My lord I love you a lot
A lot more than what my words can express
You took time out and taught me a lot
Before all this I was just an empty pot
Everytime I start fighting
I think of all the bloody beating
You took for me
Oh how great is our Lord
I havn't been there off late
And it's not coz I've lost faith
Come regin in me
My strength my shield
You have given me my space
And I hope in everything I do
I will leave behind your trace


Wow... very heartfelt and genuine poem... keep it up...

People should read this.

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