I thought you knew
How much I needed you
But you just left me all alone in the dark
After all these years
I still feel the pain
When every guy just leaves me in the dark
Am I not worth being loved, dear god
Am I the joke for all, dear god
They'd come to me
And tell me that am good
But in the end they just dump me like a fruit
It hurts me bad
As it adds on to the pain
But I still fake a smile in that pain
Am I really that bad, dear god
Am I going to be alone, dear god
No one sees
The pain inside of me
I cry all alone in the dark, dear god
They all just need me
For sometime in thier lives
And then they all just tell me
Leave me alone, leave my side
For how long I've to be this way god
For how long I've to be alone, dear god

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