There she goes walking down the empty old street
As tears filled her eyes
She tries so hard not to cry
But the pain's so hard to take
She falls apart
She doesn’t seem to understand, why
No one chooses to be by her side
They all seem to want her
But, not for life
Poor girl seems helpless
Disheartened she beats up herself
She shows her true colors only to the one, she loves
But many fail to ease her, and just storm out
She knows in her heart, she is all alone
And when she cries out, people slam the phone
Is it her fault that she needs some attention?
How much does it cost to give her that affection?
Every tear drop is counted
Every cry is heard
But as for this little girl
She has made up her mind
She will be kind
Kind enough to be there for the ones
Who need her for life.
With pain engulfing her heart
She takes a stroll through park
She has seen this happen to her
Time after time
It’s no different, it ain’t a crime
She picks up the pieces
And pulls up her life
She wipes all her tears
And says goodnight.

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