Oh!! Well am back with another article, this time am going discuss on the topic of “Try and you will succeed”. I’ve heard “famous” people say this before but never believed in it. Come on now give me a break here, I have been trying hard to succeed in a lot of areas of my life and somehow I feel I am quite not there until last evening. Yeah baby!

I guess for the first time in a long time I felt success yesterday after trying for hours. What am I saying? I am just too caught up, let me explain. Yesterday, at work I had an important task that I had to complete. It was more of a deadline kind of a thingy. I am currently working on a research study on the European man guard market and yesterday I had to call up The Netherlands. I had been calling like for 2 hours straight and no luck. I walked in at 8:30 in the morning and it was like 4 when I started my calls (Don’t panic, I did do some other “official” work in-between). Anyways, so there I was sitting and basically breaking my head, getting all worked up and irritated (not only people refused to give their interviews but my team kind of fell short in having to write awards) How short? Well, we had to submit 4 awards this month and we fell short by not a big margin, we fell short of 4 awards! And my only hope was this one person from Belgium who can possibly be a nominee for an award, but I didn’t receive his email in over a weeks time and for the kind of state I was in, I lost the little hope that I had.

Then something happened. Yes, it’s a miracle I know lol but it happened. There was this one person who was willing to help me out and he not only gave me the information I needed but he answered all of my questions without any kind of hesitation. Now, how cool is that. So I felt a little no actually a lot better. As, I was about to end the call I receive a mail. Yes, right again it was the mail I was waiting for. If your thinking how lucky she can get. Think again because I don’t think this was luck.

Only because I tried without giving up did I get the interview that I needed. You might ask me, why then did I consider this a miracle earlier? I did that because I believe that it was because of my perseverance. I don’t intend to sound so philosophical but am sure many will agree with me on this one and those of who you don’t feel free to leave your comments. :-)

What I am trying to say here is that I learnt something yesterday. It is not that only if you gain stardom or popularity can you say that you tried and that’s how I succeeded. It applies to every single person and every single action you perform. It’s only because I was willing to make the calls did I somehow end up speaking to atleast one person who was being so informative, and this happened only because I tried. Now am not going to get awarded or praised in my office for this. Why? Because it’s my job and this is what I have to do. But I felt so content and felt a sense of accomplishment in helping my team in every which way possible. And I felt even happier when I had my loved ones feeling ecstatic about it.

I realized all this when I was on the bike with Archana K C ( one of my dear freinds), I even told her that this is what I am going to put up on my blog next. So people out there even the little things you do on a day to day basis will make you feel a winner when you sit back and realize what you have accomplished. So try and try you will succeed does work! Catch y'all on my next post. B4N!




Let me try too.. Will see whether I can gain a sense of accomplishment in my scondaries..


Hey Tee, The only reason I am coomenting is because she has mentioned my name here. And yes, Tee works hard - and hardly between gmail, mebebo and orkut! Goodluck lady!

a well made blog with good poems, especially the 'no to war'. But this post was exceptionally good.. nice written..

thank u so much harshit for ur views. Will update my blog soon with more gud posts


hmmm this was a good read.... and yes i agree that if u try hard u will succeed... not exactly on what you expect..... but surely in some way or the other... :)

was just like reading a book by Robert Schuller.. very optimistic.. i found this optimism in all ur blogs.. and this is the first article of urs am commenting... awesome write up.. wil come back for the other articles..

and yeah.. u are tagged.. check my blog for details..

Opulently I assent to but I about the list inform should have more info then it has.

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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