Hi people, firstly, thank you all for your comments on my first article. I really appreciate y’all taking time out to read it. This has encouraged me to go ahead and write my second one. I mostly concentrate on topics that can make an individual think. Am not saying that he has to act on it, but I believe that thinking is the first step before someone jumps into action. Agreed? Well, for my second topic I decided to talk on the subject of “Love”. Now, wait am not referring to the romantic shade of it but Love as a whole. Let me ask you, how many of us actually take time out to let your loved ones know that you really care for them? Answer, sadly not many. We don’t realize the impact this can have on a person.

I have in my life time come across various people, different race, color and religion. Well who hasn’t? Anyways, now not everyone I meet leave a mark on me but, most of them did. If you ask a close friend of mine he will tell you that I call all my friends as my close friends.

Years back, I took a major leap of faith and I moved away from the ones who betrayed me (friends). Nope, am not complaining about it because the 2 months of isolation I went through made me realize the value of letting your loved ones know that you care. I felt so lost and unloved. I was in disbelief that my own friends can actually be so cruel. Time passed, I made new friends but I was always haunted by my past. I found it difficult to cope up; somewhere down the line I always thought these friends would betray me as well. But, they all contributed in making me believe that they are there for me no matter what. And that made me feel loved.

Every human alive will agree with me that it is important to show some love to your loved ones. Be it love from a mother to her child, brother to a sister or a boy friend to his girl friend or whoever. I will not deny the fact that everyone expresses their love. Am not here to debate on how much you have to or how often you have to express your love. Am just asking you “if your loved ones know that you love them no matter what”? Many of us, am sure have felt that we should have shown this person a little more love or treated him/her a little better. I have felt it. But, by the time I even realized this I had lost the person for good. So, I decided to show my love for people I love with every chance I get. It makes me feel special when I have people tell me how important I am to them and how much they love me.

Do you know that, with just your loving words, you can put a smile on a sad face and heal a broken heart? Try it and you will see. You might be the busiest man on planet earth but if you have someone who is longing for your love don’t be too busy in letting them know u care. Because you might be busy loving what you do and they might be busy loving you (take it in the right sense). Am not saying that that’s all they do.

If you have a loved one waiting to hear from you, don’t think twice to call him or her. Spend time with your loved ones every chance you get. But, don’t miss out on the “other” things that are a part of your life. At the same time if you not getting the attention that you feel you should get. Don’t go asking for it. You are worth so much more. Also, stop to think if you’re treating those that are in your life correctly.

When you’re away from your loved one, be it whether you’re in your college or your work place or just hanging out with your bunch of friends, make an attempt to at least call or text your loved ones, a simple hi will make him/her feel special and wanted. After going home spend time with your family, find out what happened at home when you weren’t around. These are few things that you can do. I get busy once am at work but I make sure that I let my loved one know that am thinking about him with may be a call or a message.

I have seen cases where the opposite party doesn’t even react properly when he/she receives a call from a loved one. Maybe your busy maybe your not but don’t ever take things for granted. If you were unable to react properly due to unavoidable circumstances just let your loved one know that you were caught up in a situation that forced me to react this way. And when a loved one calls you, talk to him/her properly, avoid giving away signs like you aren’t interested in talking to him/her because, that could hurt.

Everyone in this world wants to love and be loved. When you have an opportunity to show it to some one don’t be a fool to miss out on it. Never let a person who is counting on you for your affection, love or care, down. They want it from you because you make them feel special. Be happy that there is someone who is longing for you, waiting for that one call or message from you. Please, do not think twice to let your loved once know that you care.



with just your loving words, you can put a smile on a sad face and heal a broken heart.. This sentence itself is enough to make this whole world which is devoid of "LOVE" believe that U R "THE" female version of Shakespeare. GOOD WORK TEE..!! KEEP Spreading the message of JOY N LOVE all over..!!!

Thanks a lot manish....I will take this as a compliment. :)


very true Tina..Gd 1 man:)

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