How many of us here know what our purpose in life is? How many of us can boldly or rather confidentially say that I know what my purpose in life is? Sure, you can tell me that you found your purpose in life; you can tell me that you’re a successful business man or an ace student or whatever. But that doesn’t mean that you have discovered your purpose in life or does it? I mean I can relate to all of the above listed things, its just that I would call it a responsibility and not a purpose. I asked myself the same question and the answer is I didn’t have a clear vision or rather an insight of my life’s purpose (until 2005 dec). How can one determine his or her purpose in life? Now, am not saying that by the end of this article you will know what your life’s purpose is but am sure that it will at least make you think about it.

I never really gave a thought about this until December of 2005 when my life was transformed for the better. Never did I believe in the strange ways of God to instill a purpose into every one of us. Trust me when I say this each of us have a purpose we just have to dig deep to find out what that purpose is. Now, the question is how do I do that? I don’t know if there is one correct way to discover these things but I can tell you how I, found my purpose in life. Time after time you might have come across situations that could grip your heart and question god. In my case it was people, right from my young age I was able to connect with the ones who were hurt in life. I always had an urge to go out and be there for them in all ways possible. When I was in school we (friends and I) decided to visit an old aged home. I admit that this was not something we wanted to do. It was Diwali and we wanted to do something different and when this thought cropped up we decided to give it a ago. It was a meaningless act if you ask me. We were just caught up in the moment. So, we landed in this place handed over the “stuff” you know the sweets, clothes etc…to the management and then we decided to spend time with the “senior citizens”.

This was the turning point of my life. One little conversation with a grandpa affected me so much that it bought tears to my eyes. Soon, we left the place and as always my friends and I gathered up in the terrace to discuss on “the other” things. This experience for me was like a passing cloud because I felt at that time there was really nothing that I could offer these people and slowly I distanced myself from the entire episode. Years passed, I grew, and I no longer had the friends I used to. I was going through a rough patch in my life. I guess this is the time when every girl questions “Am I a woman or a girl”? Things took a sharp turn in my life and before I knew it I felt my inner energy was tapped. I could hear a voice cry out to me. I have never felt this way before. I felt so strong and empowered and it was during this time that I asked myself this question Tina, What is the purpose in your life? A quick flash back and once again tears filled my eyes. I realized that at that time I made the grandpa feel wanted. I made him feel that I was looking out for him and that I cared to spend Diwali with him for that little time. I realized that the meaningless act was not so meaningless anymore and after all those years my heart felt content. I realized that my purpose in life was to be there for the one’s who are hurt, for the ones who just needed that special attention, hear them out and give them the boost they need to stand up and get going. Now just because I do this doesn’t mean my life is a bed of roses. I have my share of problems and I at times break down. But, that doesn’t stop me from being there for others.

I have had people come up to me and ask “how can you possibly be there for others when you can’t be there for yourself”. Well I really don’t have an answer to that and I really don’t care how , I don’t even have to justify it because I know in my heart I’m doing what is right and more importantly am doing what is right without hurting anybody. Now, that I found my purpose I have put that into action. I may not be carrying this out on a major scale or level but I am doing it in every little way possible.

If today you have decided to find out what your purpose in life is make sure that you line up your purpose with your ability, needs and desires. Make the choice and be the difference is.



A very sincere, heartfelt article. Good job.

Tina soooper...... really really good one

It takes a big heart to face problems. A bigger one, to face them all, stand against and say, " Hey, I have learnt something out of this". All of us hae had times up and down. And am sure, most of has have had the "grandpa" in our life. It surely makes a difference to learn or atleast define a purpose. All the best, to make a difference!



“how can you possibly be there for others when you can’t be there for yourself”.

the answer to that question is very simple.....

if i care for others when they are down... there are many others who will care for me when i am down....
everyone in this world need the help of others to survive... no matter how many times u say u are a lonely person... in some way or the other you will be helped by some one...

so next time if someone asks u this question u can say... nothing in this world is one sided.. you always have to give something to take something... when someone dies... someone is born.. similarly if u show love and affection some one will give it back to you... :)

Alo...m glad u posted ur comment.I can agree with ur ans to that ques but I have had people who asked me this same question when I asked them for help. Very few ppl think the way u do...they just think that u are fit to be there for others only if u can handle ur problems by urself.

hmmm then those who say like that can only be said as Dumb Heads.... :P

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