Could you be of any use?
To help prevent child abuse
Let me ask you, first!
Are you aware of what a child goes through?

It could be you or anyone you know
It could be someone who you care or don't care about
Yet it's a child who is abused!
Let not any precious child go through this
Let's act! Let me know?
Together we can fight this
Let us fight for this cause

What is it? Why is it? Who does it? One might ask
Let not your ignorance spoil a Child's life.
Act Now! Let's do it now!
Let me shed some light, if not now, the child will shed its life!
Let me tell you
Let us fight for the Child's fright!

One child tortured with many chores
It hits them at their heart, flesh and bones!
Working in hotels and houses and suffering behind closed doors
Fight Physical abuse
One feeling left out all alone in the cold
Helpless and shattered not knowing where to go
Racial Neglect!
One being molested and threatened
Sexually harassed and beaten
Fight Sexual abuse
One having to hear everything that a child doesn't want to hear
Forced to listen to harsh and filthy words
Caught in the worst trap
Fight Emotional abuse
Its happening I know, I know
Because I've been there! I've seen it! I know for sure
Now, I wish to be the cure.
Let us be a cue for the cure.

I am writing this ode today
To bring out the reality
For us to see
The price an innocent child pays.

Let us act now!
Before it's too late
What ever little effort you take
Would be great
Let our energies focus towards the cause!
Not for anyone, not for you, not for me, not for the society.
But for the CHILD! Let's make their lives better.
Save them from the snares of the devil
Come on now, Let us do this
Let us act now!
Give them a bigger and a brighter future.

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