Here I am with yet another song
A silent whisper for the angels to sing along
This is your day, if I may say
I am empty handed on your b’day

I have no presents, I have no cards
I have nothing to offer you
Except my regards

My wish for you is a secret prayer
For God will open doors in my favor

The good Lord will bless and keep you
And will make all your dreams come alive
For he alone will open doors
And make things alright

Happy B’day dear friend
Where ever you may be
Although I am not a part of this day
I can’t stop myself from wishing you
Happy Birthday

Have there been times when you felt lonely?
Have there been times when you felt like giving in?
Have there been times when you no longer had the strength to carry on?
And have there been times when you just felt like dying?

When things around you are put to question
And when you seem to be under the bad light
Take heed and stand for what you believe in
For you aren't liable and you don't have to let go without a fight

It's easy when you have friends who can back you up
Trust you no matter what and remain the same
Fight for you and fight for what you've got
And not pack you up and use you like some old stock

Galling situations surround me
Been cut off like some no good tree
Yet I believe that everything is going to be alright
This forever won't be the plight

This test of your faith will pass
As long you have no doubt about the past
There is nothing to be afraid of or hold grudge against
And you can be sure for everything to outlast

Everything is going to be alright
I am sure it will all work together for good
And no true friendship
Will go without being understood

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