By the meadow, I see a house
I've seemed to have forgotten where I was
surrounded by lupines, daisies and clovers
I was there lying down amongst the flowers

Little by little the dew drops fall
From a far I hear you call
A gentle smile on my face
I begin to run through the maze

As I run, these thoughts cross my mind......

My heart beats fast
Knowing that things would last
There is no doubt on my mind
Restoration is one of a kind

You paint my world
With colors of happiness
The night's still cold
I know you'd  catch me
If I were to fall

One thing you ought to know
Is my love for you has grown
Like never before

I got nothing to offer but these words
I hope you realize
You are the song that my heart never denies

I finally reach the house and I see.....

I see you stand by the door
Waiting for me
A silent kiss on my cheek
As I slowly breathe
This is what we need
Its something we both fancied

By the pool with our drink
We dance away
The stars, the moon and the trees
They sway away
Wishing for a Million Years
and for another million more


likey :) great task tee

great job tee, likey likey :)

Wow!Good Post

Excellent.. Extra ordinary talent :)

Gorgeous! Very beautiful. I can completely picture and visualize each and every line you write. Lovely Tina! -Dhawal.

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