Are you going through life, feeling like a reject?
Does it feel like someone else reaped your harvest?
Do you feel like you have been pushed into darkness
For helping others out?
And you ask, how is this fair?

Are you constantly judged for who you are and the choices you make?
Are you waiting for someone's approval or acceptance?
I was, and I even began to wonder, how bad this world can be?
Is there really a saviour who can hear me?

Then one day, I am shown the way
I realise, he is the way, the truth and the life.
That in his love, there is light and it shines through me, yes me!
Through him I am made new, let the world judge
I am no longer of this world
For I am made new in Christ.

My past he remembers no more, my sins wiped clean
How I look, where I come from, what I wear
Is not what he sees.
So, I don't get irked by others if that is what they see in me.
For, when in Christ, I ought to see the heart of people, just as he does.
And not judge them for their outward appearance.

If you are not accepted by someone
Pray for them, for Jesus accepts everyone,
Loves everyone and even has a plan for everyone
All you need to do is confess and surrender
And just like that, you are made new
For you are bought by his blood, paid in full
To live a life in complete joy, for his glory.

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