My man - My world

The only man in the world
That means more than the world itself
I stand here, like a ricochet
Been hit, but unwilling to fall.

Are you serious? Tell me, tell me now
I will stand by you no matter what
I care not what you can give or do for me
I'm just tried of being shot 

It ain't no joke when I said I fall for you
I loved you at your worst
You should know it from before
I can sure as hell love you more now
But are you willing to give it more than just a shot?

Don't test and try me
I am open as I can be
Yes, I could have chosen anybody
But, it has always been you, can't you see?

If you are doubting me for my past
It wasn't by choice
I would have stuck to you like glue
I would have even been your voice

I don't know what you are going through
I am not the one to judge
All I ask of you is to let me in
Please don't ask me to budge

You don't have to talk aloud
But don't be without saying much
I'm going all out for you
In return, be my clutch?

Miles away from my past
You walked right through
I didn't even think twice to say,
Baby, I love you!

Don't doubt it now
I am in deep waters, it's quite a sight
Let me not drown here
Let me not be the yellow traffic light.

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