There is something in your eyes
That tells me you don’t want to leave my sight
How I wish to hear you say out loud
That you mean a lot
Now I know that’s something that will make me float
I call to hear your voice
And it’s not by choice
I hear you say hello
And my entire face glows
How happy you make me feel
To hear these words from you
Tring tring-tring tring!!!
I suddenly realize
That I am
Sitting in the balcony
Looking out
Melancholy fills my soul
So fast my past
Enters my mind
And I lose sight of what’s real in life
Ya it’s hard
What’s even harder is
When u feel u got no one by your side
Suddenly you become the butt of all jokes
When you actually care a lot for that one person
In the eyes of others
You end up being the impractical person
Hey, that’s me I give a lot to the heart’s desire
Than being all practical
All the time
Melancholy fills my soul
It jus does
Am not making a fuss
I just hope you understand y
And take the time out
To hold me tight
Without a fight
Can somebody do that for me?
And make me merry!!!!!!

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