It was jus another day
Making my way
With my cousin
On a shopping spree
All dressed up in causals
We were just the usuals
Walking down the road
And BAM outta nowhere
Came a bike and knocked me down
A huge crowd gathered
Like flocks of birds over some dead rat
And suddenly i realised
That I was the victim in Pain bad it was
But everything happens for a cause
I got hospitalised
But was glad that I was alive
It was a big ordeal
And I saw my dear ones feel
But this is say to you
That am getting better now
Thank u all for being there
And for showing so much care
Thank u Jesus that I am here today
To share the miracle of yesterday


What the???


I pray everything's all right!

Email me!


m doin alrte now....thank u!!!!

Bet the etheral beyond is as pleased as you are to have you back.
Welcome back although I did not know you back then.

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