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hai tina!!!

very fact u r on this blog, i know u r on serch for meaning in ur life and this world. wel... i think u need not cry for christ, for he is stronger than u and can endure all that comes in his life... it may be humanity thats helpless, for which u need to cry for.....

Hmmm! Naaah no one needs to cry for anyone including themselves. Laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry and you wet your face is what I have heard and it is true in every way. No fears...only the good parts remain.

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Enga Irundhalum, Tamilan da naan! It's not just my name, it's who I am!! Attitude or Arrogance - as defined by those who see me for the first time! Kiddish n Immature - To those who know me well! Shrewd n Proactive - as defined by my colleagues! Music Lover - Complete Dreamer - A Good Friend!


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