I have a best friend
That no one can see
Who's always by my side
And a one who never hides
He is with me when i fall
Cause he always attends my call
He is the one who knows about me
He is with me when am down
He tells me what should be done
At times i tend to listen to him
But mostly i don't
That is when i come to tell
That deacon i just fell
Suprise that he doesn't yell
But instead just holds me tight
And tells me to forget the fight
He's always buzy with work
But makes time for me
For he knows that I keep him first
And he thanks me for it
He says that it just means a lot
That I run back to him no matter what
I trouble him with all my worries and fears
Inspite of his tiring day
He gets back to wipe my tears
I know he is the one I can count on
Even when others are gone

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