Sitting by the sunset
Waiting for my turn
To be loved
Waiting by the ocean
Longing for someone
To take notice
It’s been so long since I laughed
There is a part of me
That wants to hide away
The pain that I have endured
All I feel is hopelessness
Am the lost soul
Who is seeking control
Can you hear me cryin
My heart out
It was just yesterday
I told you how I felt
And so soon I can see that
You chose to ignore it all
When will my time come
Who will help me realize my dreams
Waiting for so long
Time has drifted away
Can you hear me say
When will my time come


Hey SiS,


It totally expresses how I feel at times (although I try and ignore it!)

Keep at it! And, don't worry, your time will come, I am sure of it!

Love you!

Life is and will always be. Like wise there is a lot of this missing factor going around and eventually eveyone gets there yes. Bide your will come.

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