I saw a small girl
Full of misery and pain
Too small to express herself
She gently would smile away
Her tiny hands
Hold on to the window panes
Looking out to see
Others like her
Flying kites and planes
How she wished
For people to embrace her
Thought they would cover her
Like a fur
She cries and cries into the night
Silent tears falling along her side
She remembers reading
That JESUS would collect all her tears
And that he would send an angel
To take away all her fears
It’s been so long
The girl now is all grown
Still she feels so little inside
Still her wishes lurking inside
Those aren’t met
How she wants to be someone special
To the one who wants to see her smile
This girl I knew
Has encountered more than we can imagine
Even now she hides herself from the outside world
Smiling from the outside
And crying from within
When will her dreams come to pass?
This girl I knew
She is feeling so blue
She has got no clue
No one to attend to her cries
The one she counts on
Doesn’t even stop to realize
The pain in her heart
That she’s unable to bear
Considers her a burden
And doesn’t even care
No sense of compassion
What so ever
Will she be all alone?
Now and forever?!


Kabali Joseph said... May 26, 2007 at 6:08 AM  

Aha! What a wonderful poem, it moved me to tears... I'm going to become a christian right now...

If unfulfilled wishes were all to be painful...
If compassion never shared were all to due to being disdainful...
Love as we know will never shine through...
Life as its know would come to an end.

But take heed in these words...life will never stop and love as we know it will come through always on top.

Good things happen to good people
In my theory, you qualify.

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