Here I'm in my couch, looking out my window
Staring at the tree, the leaves so green, so beautiful
The breeze, hitting my face, that makes me feel so cool
I strain my eyes to view something that's disturbing my sight
What is that? I ask myself, a nest it is, I say
A round, brown circle and upon it rest's the egg of the bird
I heard as a child how well they are taken care of
I used to say to myself this is a living fairytale
When will I get my bail?
Soon, there will come a time for you to see the world
For you to see what I see
And if there comes a time, when I meet you
You will hear me say- you are a living tale

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Enga Irundhalum, Tamilan da naan! It's not just my name, it's who I am!! Attitude or Arrogance - as defined by those who see me for the first time! Kiddish n Immature - To those who know me well! Shrewd n Proactive - as defined by my colleagues! Music Lover - Complete Dreamer - A Good Friend!


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