I belong to you
I live my life the way you want me to
You are my desire -The fire
Lord take me higher
Keep us safe under your wings
Brighten our days Lord let us sing
I belong to you
Do you feel the way I do
You give us your love
The holy spirit decended on you like a dove
Show us your way oh Lord
For we beleive that you are our God
I belong to you
I surrender myself to you
We will make some space
That you may fill us with your grace
You will never leave us nor forsake us
Now, that's a promise you made to us

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Enga Irundhalum, Tamilan da naan! It's not just my name, it's who I am!! Attitude or Arrogance - as defined by those who see me for the first time! Kiddish n Immature - To those who know me well! Shrewd n Proactive - as defined by my colleagues! Music Lover - Complete Dreamer - A Good Friend!


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