You might feel like you got no one now
But that’s not for long
I dedicate this song
Cause you are not alone
No one understands what I say
No one knows how much I care
And they just stare
I tell I tell I tell
They yell and yell and yell
What do I do at times like this?
When I can hear them hiss
I feel my emotions are worthless
For someone who thinks I am a mess
Stop, don’t talk further
Tell me, what is it that you want?
And she says, I just don’t wanna be alone
How it crushes my heart to see
For someone to be like me

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Enga Irundhalum, Tamilan da naan! It's not just my name, it's who I am!! Attitude or Arrogance - as defined by those who see me for the first time! Kiddish n Immature - To those who know me well! Shrewd n Proactive - as defined by my colleagues! Music Lover - Complete Dreamer - A Good Friend!


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