There she was pleading
To everyone who was close to her
To hear her desperate cry for help
She was all alone
All by herself
People couldn't hear her cry in the darkness
She locks the door
Sheds her tears
Cause of her fears
They all just chose to be there
But no one really cared
All that she felt was
A needle nailed to her heart
How people talk to her just for time pass
No one really cared for her
No one was really there
Excuses and lies
Are the things they have to give her
I tell you, make her feel alright
Before it's too late
Think for once
What if she dies?
How would you feel?
Do not forget there is nothing you can do
To get her back
So, make her feel alright
Before it's too late
Please have time for her
Take heed of her despiration
And act according to the situation
Before it's too late


What a superb poem! Wonderful! Marvelous! Excellent! This blog changed my life and made me want to accept Jesus as my lord and savior! Praise the Lord!

Good poem... very heartfelt... keep it up...

Although sad....again...Real Nice. Let me know when the first copy of that book is out.

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