No longer a foreigner in an unknown turf
I say with poise
You my love ain’t just a choice

Life isn’t easy, life ain’t the same
Every day a struggle
It’s everybody’s game

In times of trouble, in times of pain
We stick together
Knowing there is so much to gain

One thing you ought to know
Is my love for you has grown
Like never before

I got nothing to offer but these words
I hope you realize
You are the song that my heart never denies

Whatever happens I am with you
Through thick and thin
I want you too

This time around I won’t shut you down
When I move about aimlessly
At times of want.

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Enga Irundhalum, Tamilan da naan! It's not just my name, it's who I am!! Attitude or Arrogance - as defined by those who see me for the first time! Kiddish n Immature - To those who know me well! Shrewd n Proactive - as defined by my colleagues! Music Lover - Complete Dreamer - A Good Friend!


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