She sits here on the look out for someone
Someone who can hear her out
And not shout
She sits here wanting to be loved
She is not able to fight this feeling and let go
Now, she feels lost and doesn’t know
She can trust no one
She can’t even turn around to seek help
She feels like an alien
Even when she is around her friends
She tries to get closer
But they all just call her a loser
People who she knows from birth
Don’t want her anywhere near
She can’t fight this feeling anymore
She cries out cause she doesn’t know
What she did wrong she doesn't even know
But when she goes out to make peace and find ease
They all turn away and just tease
She says she ain’t weak
But does cry when she freaks
All that she wants is a warm hug
Just so she knows she’s loved
She feels left out and unimportant
Hoping that someday
She will be appreciated
She knows who she is and what she does
And every statement she makes creates a buzz
All that I can tell you is that
Don’t feel ashamed to cry
Because that’s one way I see through you
Whatever happens keep this in your head
That no matter what you tell
I won’t love you any less
If you want to get angry do so
Talk to me and we will take things slow
I am there for you no matter what though
But don’t hide and shy away
No mater what I m here and will stand by you
When everybody takes a hike
I still will be here waiting for you.

Baby, it’s alright take it easy
Now don’t you worry I can see
I need you like crazy
And it’s not just my fantasy
Carry me in your arms
Touch me with your palms
Let me there for you
At times of trouble
Let us sit together and burst those bubbles
You know that I’ll be there
If you should need me
They why worry honey
We got each other and can take on things together
I need you to realize
That this ain’t a game of cat and mice
I will not hide nor will I make promise that I can’t keep
I won’t be the cause for your disturbed sleep
Because I need you like crazy

He creates a way where there seems to be noway
He works in ways we cannot see
But I assure you he'll be there for both you and me
He heals the broken hearted
He cares for those who are battered
Oh how great is our Lord
My lord I love you a lot
A lot more than what my words can express
You took time out and taught me a lot
Before all this I was just an empty pot
Everytime I start fighting
I think of all the bloody beating
You took for me
Oh how great is our Lord
I havn't been there off late
And it's not coz I've lost faith
Come regin in me
My strength my shield
You have given me my space
And I hope in everything I do
I will leave behind your trace

Sometimes things seem beautiful
Sometimes it seems so unreal
Whatever be the situation
This heart of mine will praise you
For you are my everything
My fortress my strength
Your love rules my heart
And forever you'll stay and never depart
Sometimes things are rocky
Sometimes I feel so weary
But at all times you're there
Especially when I start to glare
You are alive and have indeed risen
My saviour my Jesus
You are simply out of this world
Sometimes when I'm down
Sometimes when I frown
You become the clown to make me smile
My father my love
Where will I be if we wern't meant to be
You were forsaken when I was forgiven
It all comes down to this now Lord
It's all about you.

Shall we dance
To the tune of the breeze
Shall I hold you
And get down on my knees
There's a little heart
That's looking to be healed
With that one kiss of yours
I'm sure you'll open many doors for me
There were times at night
When I could hear the trees
Whisper all their sad stories
It was like they were looking out for someone
For that someone who will make sure
All things are said and done
It's been quite sometime now
Since I heard those trees
Tell their sad stories
I sit it solitude and I wonder
And my mind begins to ponder
I know you will always be there for me
Like how I was there for those trees.

There's something about you
That makes me wanna cry
I know that you are the one
Who's gonna be there till I die
You gave me hope
When I was left with none
Now all of a sudden it's all fun
With each passing day
My happniess grows
And now I can handle everything
That my enemies throw
Without you in me
I can't find noway
I still wonder if this is what
You've got to say
I'm what I am b'coz of you my dear
I'll do anything
I give you my word do not fear
I'll be forver your lovely girl
Hold on to me and never let me go
Lets stay together and take things slow.

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