With the summer's heat knocking on my door
With winter's breeze far behind
I sit here with my glass of wine
Cooling myself with soothing music
knowing that tomorrows another day of sun shine

I make a big deal out of travelling to work
In an insane hour - 12 pm to be precise
With summer's heat draining every bit of my energy
I just can't come to terms with winter being so far off
the summer's heat - a reason for people's sad demise

Close to about 40 minutes in the sun
Makes me complain
Not stopping to think about the ones
Who work in this heat
Just to ensure we get our grains

So let’s look at the other side
Do not be so self centered
It's not a joke when others say
That someone’s hard work
Goes un noticed when things are taken for granted.

It’s 2 in the morning
I ain’t asleep
I walk to my balcony
Just to feel the cold breeze
I pull up my bean bag
I cuddle up there
Gaze at the stars
Silently wishing I was there
I tried to close my eyes
To dream for a while
But the sky was so attractive
Forced me to watch the clouds go by
Passing through the moon
It looked so fine
I covered myself with my blanky
I was having a good time
I also remembered that I have friends
Who leave work at this time
But the world they see
Is so very different from mine

Take just a minute
And ask yourself this
What do I need?
To surpass this
Feeling of distress
Consume my cry
I feel at sea
Or is it just me?
We have all been there
I know for sure
Each one has a different way
To find that cure
Every hassle every strive
You have got to go through the battle
And come out with pride
Premonitions are part of life
Ruling your thoughts
From all four sides
Interpret it properly
You will see it unravel befittingly.

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