It’s a cold winter morning
I can hear the raindrops falling
Its Christmas time once again
And this year I will see no pain
Old things gone by
And new things comes to pass
All I want for Christmas is someone
That will last
As I pull out my note pad
I made a list of what I had
I never had what I wanted
But I want him for this Christmas
And ever more
I want to sit by the fireplace
Holding him tight
Watching his eyes shine like those Christmas lights
As the day slowly turns night
We dance away watching fireflies
A knock on the door
I heard my mom say get me some flour
I closed my notepad
And walked to the store
On my way back
I looked up at the sky
As raindrops fall right into my eye
I stood there praying
God I hope you’re listening
All I want for Christmas
Is that guy :)

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