Rs 27 or more each day
That’s how much you pay
Standing by the window pane
What is it that you gain?
Why do you smoke?
And then choke
It ain’t no joke
For me to see you smoke
The way your health could deteriorate
Could be faster than that of
India’s growth rate
Be it Kings or Cuts (Navy)
One or two may be a must
But to go for a puff every hour
Takes you all the more far
I see you shake
As you stand
Wont it be better
If you didn’t have the cigarette
In your hand
You’re still young you know
Then why smoke?
Your life is precious
Don’t waste it all up
On a cigarette.


hahahahaha... good one.... but not worth the kill... :P

Watever...the ones who find the least amt of truth in it will atleast bring it dwn...

Good one.

All I have to say is...

Remember all you maidens
From the Isle of Dogs
Before you find a prince
You must kiss a lot of frogs

Thank u ace

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