There is this guy
That I would like to know about
I wish there was something I could do
Sometimes I think I know it all
Sometimes I really wish I do
But there is something in his eyes
That makes me wonder
Why doesn't he smile
I cant let go
Till I get to Know you more
I've been waiting for so long
That I ended up writing a song
Where are you now
What have you done
Your body language
Speaks a lot about you
But I wouldnt believe it
Till I hear it from you
Don't keep me waiting
Cause I need to know
There are a thousand words
That I could say I am siting here
Writing this song
Just so that
One day you will know
How serious I am
About you.


This didn't do it? Seriously?????? should've. Not to worry. When the time is right it will work out fine. Until then just keep it coming. Cheers!!!

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