To be or not to be
Is what people end up asking me
What started out as a joke
Has just begun to poke
I aint no kid
Don't look at me that way
There is something beyond work
Something that can be fun
So why do you always sit so still
Why can't you just get up and mingle
Is this who you really are
Or is this what you've become
Why do you always keep mum
Please oh please
Be at ease
You be the flower
And I'll be the bee.


Hey! You really do write well! I totally agree with your previous post about cigarettes. My dad was a chain-smoker & I have had first hand experience of what smoking can do to someone. So, I have stayed away from it. Maybe more people should too :)

And keep writing!

Thankx Karthik..yes i will keep updating my blog regularly and abt the cigarettes i am glad u were able to connect urself wit the poem.Thankx

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