Please look after yourself
Don’t hesitate to ask me for help
I know that you’re not keeping well
I just hope that you take some time off
Just to get rid of your cough
You have got to put yourself first
I don’t want to see your temperature burst
Try not to strain much
Instead make yourself comfortable on a couch
Rest and medicine is what you need
Please just take heed
I appreciate you’re effort
But see to that you don’t end up getting hurt
Please take good care of yourself
And stack up those medicines back in the shelf
What I’m trying to say is
Get well soon
Cause you’re a boon.

This story has jus begun
Don’t get up before it’s done
I’ve been trying to tell you
Something for sometime now
I’m lost for words
I have never felt this way before
I know this for sure
Well it has to come out one day
I might as well say it today
I dug my nails into my palm
And pretended as if all is calm
I can’t believe I have
Fallen in this crazy thing called love
I just hope I get a chance
To tell him what I think of him
But it seems impossible
For this to happen
You say it’s a waste of time
To get hooked and later regret
But how can you be so darn sure
I promise that things will never be the same
And this is not some stupid game
As I say this
I dug my nails into my palm
And pretended as if all is calm
I can’t believe I have Fallen in this crazy thing called love

What is wrong with you?
You look so worn out and blue
I was shocked to see you this way
Now please don’t turn away
Look at you all shabby and rugged
Do you even know that I care?
Now don’t tell me this was all a dare
You dipped your face into the wine
And shot some vodka the whole damn time
And now I know that you ain’t fine
Right now you trying so hard
To concentrate
But I know that it’s just so hard
To contemplate
You stopped looking straight
And looks like the drink
Made you the bait
You dipped your face into the wine
And shot some vodka the whole damn time
And now I know that you ain’t fine
It must have been a wild night
With whisky and wine controlling your sight
Shot after shot went down your throat
Glad that you ended up here
And not on a boat

It’s a cold winter morning
I can hear the raindrops falling
Its Christmas time once again
And this year I will see no pain
Old things gone by
And new things comes to pass
All I want for Christmas is someone
That will last
As I pull out my note pad
I made a list of what I had
I never had what I wanted
But I want him for this Christmas
And ever more
I want to sit by the fireplace
Holding him tight
Watching his eyes shine like those Christmas lights
As the day slowly turns night
We dance away watching fireflies
A knock on the door
I heard my mom say get me some flour
I closed my notepad
And walked to the store
On my way back
I looked up at the sky
As raindrops fall right into my eye
I stood there praying
God I hope you’re listening
All I want for Christmas
Is that guy :)

Its time again winter has slowly begun
It’s time for us to have some fun
Every child every home is filled
With the festive spirit
As sweets and chocolates invade the fridge
Lights and candles brightens the room
As mama goes about cleaning with the broom
Joy and happiness fills our heart
And I pray that this never departs
Smiles across every strangers face
This seemed to be just the case
Peace and love is what we give
As we all learn to forgive
Everyday goes by
Planning for this special day
But lets not get carried away
Lets not forget the ones
Who can’t have all that we’ve got
But at least we can all share a little of what we bought
Let this day mark a new beginning
For the ones who thought this was the end

Do you feel like you've got noone
By your side
Trust me that aint something
That you've to hide
Dreams and wishes fills you up with hope
But in the end
You find it so hard to cope
You've now moved on with your life
So don't look back and be suprised
You've got all it takes to be a man
Beleive when others say you can
Stand up to what you beleive
When everything goes the other way
I'm sure that in the end
You will be merry and gay

To be or not to be
Is what people end up asking me
What started out as a joke
Has just begun to poke
I aint no kid
Don't look at me that way
There is something beyond work
Something that can be fun
So why do you always sit so still
Why can't you just get up and mingle
Is this who you really are
Or is this what you've become
Why do you always keep mum
Please oh please
Be at ease
You be the flower
And I'll be the bee.

Rs 27 or more each day
That’s how much you pay
Standing by the window pane
What is it that you gain?
Why do you smoke?
And then choke
It ain’t no joke
For me to see you smoke
The way your health could deteriorate
Could be faster than that of
India’s growth rate
Be it Kings or Cuts (Navy)
One or two may be a must
But to go for a puff every hour
Takes you all the more far
I see you shake
As you stand
Wont it be better
If you didn’t have the cigarette
In your hand
You’re still young you know
Then why smoke?
Your life is precious
Don’t waste it all up
On a cigarette.

There is this guy
That I would like to know about
I wish there was something I could do
Sometimes I think I know it all
Sometimes I really wish I do
But there is something in his eyes
That makes me wonder
Why doesn't he smile
I cant let go
Till I get to Know you more
I've been waiting for so long
That I ended up writing a song
Where are you now
What have you done
Your body language
Speaks a lot about you
But I wouldnt believe it
Till I hear it from you
Don't keep me waiting
Cause I need to know
There are a thousand words
That I could say I am siting here
Writing this song
Just so that
One day you will know
How serious I am
About you.

As I close my eyes I see your face
It’s an unusual feeling
As the dawn breaks
It’s you that I think of
As I pack my bag
And leave for work
I search for you
To say goodbye
You hold me close
And Kiss my eyes
It means so much to me
To see you smile
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within
Knowing that this is where I belong
Made me realize why I had to wait
For Long
You are not so far away
But if I miss you
I will go astray
There is a girl waiting for you
Waiting to hear you say
I love you
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within
Right from the moment I saw you
I felt close but,
I need to feel your love
But am too scared to trust
Cause you seem so different
Let go let lose
Let me get to know you
The way I should
Cause you mean the world to me
Something that you should see
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within

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